Nintendo's teaser video confirms Super Smash Bros is coming to the Switch

Though it hasn't released a firm date, Nintendo has confirmed that the game will finally hit the Nintendo Switch some time this year.

Nintendo has another Direct presentation yesterday to announce new games for the Switch console and for the 3DS handheld system. Super Smash Bros. has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. It's all quite dramatic.

Pegged as Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros shows that this is unlikely to simply be a port of the Wii U version and instead be its own iteration all together.

That wasn't the big news, though.

One of the remaining demanded Wii U ports will become a reality. Hundreds of players are facing off in the two-day competition for more than $300,000 in prizes and the top few dozen players will get licenses to play in paid video-game competitions in the future. On July 10th, 2018 the game will be heading to the Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One platforms. The pairing of Super Smash Bros. with the Switch is essentially a marriage of two powerhouse products, with the wedding between the two set for sometime this year.

Nintendo Switch's first year on the market wildly overachieved everyone's expectations, even Nintendo's!

Characters also move more slowly in enemy ink, so we could potentially see some sort of battle mechanic like this in Smash Bros.

The arrival of the classic brawler on Nintendo's best-selling console was the biggest announcement at the gaming giant's Direct event on Thursday. Dr. Serkan Toto, CEO of Japan-based consultant firm Kantan Games, Inc., tweeted in January 2016 that Bandai Namco was allegedly developing several titles for the Switch (then known as the NX) with Smash Bros. planned as a launch title. The game will also feature HD Rumble and players will be able to use their Joy-Cons as drumsticks. As the camera cuts from the Octoling's face to the source of the glowing red light, we see it: the iconic Smash logo in all its glory. Now, a new etching of those characters could make the starting roster a bit clearer.

  • Carolyn Briggs