Trump and Kim to hold historic meeting

Xi praised the "positive aspiration" of President Donald Trump to achieve a political settlement of the Korean peninsula issue after the USA leader agreed to meet Kim Jong Un, state news agency Xinhua added.

Given the accounts of Trump's response to Chung Eui-yong's announcement of Kim Jong-un's invitation - an eager and immediate "Yes!" - it is far from clear that the administration is prepared for the road it's about to head down.

Trump then made a surprise visit to the White House press briefing room to alert reporters of an upcoming "major statement" on North Korea by South Korea. Trump reportedly called Chinese President Xi Jinping after accepting Kim Jong-un's invitation. Moon initially hesitated, saying that conditions had to be right for a meeting.

Kim responded by calling Trump a "mentally deranged US dotard". "In the meantime, the Trump administration should continue using the toughest sanctions to maintain maximum pressure before the summit in May".

This is a unsafe rewriting of what it took to bring North Korea to dialogue and what it will take going forward to convince Kim to give up his nuclear weapons.

The White House says the seemingly sudden decision to hold the summit reflects Trump's bold, shoot-from-the-hip style. That kind of coverage contributed to an inflation of the perceived threat from North Korea.

Japanese Prime Minister attributed the latest outcomes to continued pressure on the North by Japan, South Korea and the United States.

At dinner time, North Korean leader, now accompanied by his wife, brought out his most relaxed facet.

Unfortunately, at least in the short term, the US and Trump have much more to lose from failed talks than Kim does. The no-frills neutral site deprives the regime of a propaganda victory: the sight of a third South Korean leader going to Pyongyang to "pay homage" to North Korea's supreme leader.

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North Korea ramped up its nuclear program shortly after Trump's election. Trump has called Kim "rocket man", while Kim described Trump as a "dotard".

The North Korean dictator offered the concessions after suffering sever economic sanctions by the USA and allies, including China, that the administration calls a "maximum pressure campaign". Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga was right to note that previous talks on denuclearization have failed and that it is "extremely important" that North Korea show a commitment to and concrete actions toward abandonment of its nuclear and missile development in a complete, verifiable and irreversible way.

President Donald Trump is poised to become the first sitting president to meet with North Korea, in what many see as a high stakes summit in hopes of achieving permanent denuclearization.

As Mr Trump's administration ramped up its "maximum pressure campaign" on North Korea over the past year, Mr Tillerson was one of the more enthusiastic advocates within the cabinet for trying to talk to the North Koreans, even as other officials warned Trump of the risks of rewarding Kim too soon.

In a notably restrained tweet, Trump hailed "great progress" in the push to persuade Pyongyang to end its nuclear weapons program, adding that "sanctions will remain until an agreement is reached".

As for where and when the talks would be - Sanders said there were no details yet, as she said the United States would wait to see what Kim does. Recognition that U.S. -South Korea military exercises are a necessity and not a threat to the North would be another good sign.

North Korean media provided a more limited readout of the meeting, omitting any mention of a denuclearization pledge. "That couldn't be better exemplified in his North Korea policy", the official said Thursday evening.

  • Leroy Wright