President Ram Nath Kovind accepts resignation of TDP ministers

However, the Centre has offered to fulfil the monetary equivalent of the special status and honour every commitment made in the bifurcation act. "We had tie up with the BJP in the Assembly and general elections but, there was no change in the percentage of votes", Naidu is said to have remarked.

Srinivas Rao said that Naidu praised his work.

Early in the day Naidu targeting the BJP said that the Centre for behaving "callously" over special status for Andhra Pradesh as Congress did in 2014. They thanked him for having inducted them into the state Cabinet.

"We have waited enough".

"We strongly believe that we will not stop trying..." Our ministers are resigning from the Union Cabinet. Industrial incentives are being provided to them but not to Andhra Pradesh. "The construction of seven blocks has been going on, on a war footing", Rao said pointing out that the union government has never neglected projects in the state. He needs tax concessions that other successor states like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand benefited from or the central GST refund concessions that accrue to backward states like Jammu & Kashmir and north-east, despite the current irrelevance of special category after the 14 Finance Commission award. "It is like degrading our state", he said. "We have to see and plan what happens next from here".

Naidu's latest gambit is expected to herald re-alignment of political forces ahead of the 2019 elections and hasten the process of forging the Third Front as an alternative to Congress and BJP. Diwakar Reddy, who is often in news for making controversial comments, said the Centre would no more care for the agitations by the TDP MPs. With the exit of TDP though, things will become further hard for BJP to gain numbers in the Rajya Sabha. We have incurred big losses as a state. Jaitley spoke like we asked for all the money. But Modi had keenly watched the manner in which Naidu had often been coercing the BJP leadership to fall in line in the name of the coalition even if it caused damage to the organic growth of BJP in the state. "The TDP has certain demands which right now they feel that Centre is not meeting". Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's statements, which Naidu indicated precipitated the crisis, were hardly short of a snub.

An Indian political party on Thursday pulled out its two lawmakers from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government in a dispute over concessions to lure investors to a southern state, two sources said.

  • Leroy Wright