LA Schools Call for More Gun Control in Wake of Shootings

While San Luis Obispo High School is likely to be the largest protest, McGrath said the district has heard from interested students at Morro Bay High School, Pacific Beach High School, Laguna Middle School and Los Osos Middle School.

Now, students at Orchard Park High School have a chance to join that conversation and send a message to leaders in New York State that the current climate of guns and school safety isn't acceptable.

Giblin said their application process has been in place for many years and mirrors most other universities when it comes to reviewing applications on a case-by-case basis.

Wade spoke with students "about some important/impactful things that they have planned", the National Basketball Association guard tweeted.

Hightstown High School students will be joining their counterparts nationwide next week, as high school students across the United States plan to walk out of their classes to protest gun violence.

Hardin County Schools students who participate will not face consequences, district spokesman John Wright said.

"We've been told that we need to listen to the children and do what the children ask", Porter said.

The email from the SOMSD stated that the district is planning "to support student participation while also ensuring student safety", and will "provide students with an opportunity to participate in the national observance with activities on school property".

This week, administrators plan to meet with about 20 students who have volunteered to be "student advocates".

The Stoneman Douglas students have frequently taken to social media in the last several weeks, to promote their March for Our Lives event on March 24, to confront conservative detractors and the NRA, and to support each other.

The panel will hold a series of public hearings to talk about safety in schools, including improved reporting measures for suspicious people, heightened campus security, increased mental health resources for students and safe storage of firearms.

Elizabethtown High School principal Steve Smallwood said last week the school is working on details. "It's a really political issue and we as students are willing to take on the challenge ourselves and as long as the administration isn't overly punitive, we are fine with them staying neutral".

Walkouts from classes around the country and in Rapid City are scheduled for March 14th.

School officials in Dover and Durham have been in contact with their local police departments to make sure there is a police presence during the walkouts. They have a website where schools can register to officially be a part of the day's events.

  • Joanne Flowers