Turner Sports announce changes to 2018 NCAA Selection Show presentation

It creates incentive for teams who have already won their regular season to win their conference tournament - first-round byes for non-power conference teams, and the opportunity to gain a leg up on power conference teams' rivals in an advantageous setup for their NCAA tournament run.

The selection show will be aired on TBS for the first time since CBS and Turner Sports began partnering on NCAA Tournament coverage in 2011. If we have missed one of your favorite sites, please feel free to share with us all in either the comments section or on our forum.

A strong performance this week could give Tennessee a boost in its bid for a favorable NCAA Tournament seeding and the opportunity to play the first two rounds in Nashville, Tennessee, about a three-hour drive from its Knoxville campus.

"We have a long way to go and a long rest of the season", Williams said. "Selection Committee Chair Bruce Rasmussen will also join Adam Zucker from CBS Studios in NY". Who knows, maybe an under-rated Blue Blood like Kentucky breaks through similar to UConn from several years ago. Teams are chosen to participate in two ways. "It will still be as informative, as quick, as dramatic (as in the past)".

The digital offering will also feature "excitement alerts", live game scoring and direct access to live radio broadcasts, from Westwood One, for all 67 tournament games.

"The Selection Show has been in our sights for a couple of years, like how do we evolve this?" "We don't think there will be any drop off in the excitement of the show".

CBS and Turner executives say the entire bracket will be revealed in 45 minutes. Barkley's mispronunciation of the names of players, coaches, and schools is usually good for a laugh this time of year. "Fans who want to hear in-depth analysis, who want to hear from the committee, who want to hear from the guys that are calling the games.anyone who wants to dig in is gonna stay for that show".

Well, the time is finally here for everyone to start thinking about their brackets.

In previous years the NCAA made selections based on RPI or Rating Percentage Index.

"And then, knowing we were going to move the selection show to TBS and to Atlanta, we felt like what an opportunity to kind of incrementally improve the show to some extent".

As tough as the Big Ten has been this season, Pearson said this might be the norm for the conference in the future.

The team looked flat on Saturday, they let MI go to the line an unprecedented 33 times for free throw attempts and they shot 38 percent from the field. "We are excited. It's not over yet, that's something that we need to keep telling ourselves".

"We're not going to stretch this out and hold the audience or anything like that", Bryant said.

  • Leroy Wright