The Bachelor Finale: Let's Scrutinize Arie's Long, Dumb Search for Love

ABC's dumpster fire of a dating show sunk to new lows last night when it aired 40 unedited minutes of raw break-up footage.

Former Bachelors and Bachelorettes were united in their anger that this break-up had been filmed.

Chelsea Clinton visited "Late Night with Stephen Colbert" on Monday evening to discuss - kind of - her relationship with Ivanka Trump. A handful of his exes - Tia Booth, Bekah Martinez, Kendall Long or Seinne Fleming - could have easily been named as the next Bachelorette, had this season of The Bachelor had a more traditional ending.

When The Bachelor finally brought Becca out at the tail end of the finale with Chris Harrison, there still was no courtesy given to her. Becca's appearance, after America had watched her cry for an hour, amounted to a tease for another special. But it's also faced criticism for its masterful manipulation of a woman's pain.

The way the finale was handled suggests that ABC, after a season of low ratings, was desperate for a hit. "I don't care what happens", he said.

Naturally, Becca was furious over Arie's decision to call it quits after making the commitment to her on national television. As the 2 spend time together, Arie is struggling to get past Lauren, he can't stop thinking about her. Becca is aware that he's struggling but doesn't seem concerned about it.

In the episode, he proposes to the season's victor, Becca, and all seems swell. "I'm just ready to do this". "Despite being heartbroken and blindsided by Arie's unfailing love for Lauren, Becca toldPeople, "[I have no] ill will towards [Lauren]".

No, it wasn't the same ring he gave Becca And Becca will now go on her own journey to find love as the Season 14 Bachelorette. He admits that he chose Becca because he thought she'd be a good wife, but wives aren't area rugs.

"I'm not normally a "Bachelor" watcher but because of the local connection this season, I paid a little attention", Christensen said. And, yes, logically we made more sense.

With that date in the books, Arie then spent the night with Becca and told her that he loved her, too, and in a way that's going to be really, really hard to walk back.

While some payments were only for a few dollars, the outpouring of support was huge, and had to at least make her laugh a little.

In the episode, Becca asks Arie to leave multiple times, and he won't. When Becca shows up, Arie proposes and she of course says yes."I choose you today", he tells Becca.

We later found out that Arie had spoken to Lauren on January 1, before he broke up with Becca, and she said she would take him back. "And I want think about the bigger picture and the outcome".

"If they want to make it work, then they will, and I hope they're strong enough to get through it all", Becca told People.

The Bachelor has fully become a Black Mirror episode.

  • Salvatore Jensen