Google Lens now rolling out to Google Photo users

In their announcement today, Google revealed another new feature: with Lens, you'll be able to scan a business card and instantly create a new contact on your phone. The tool that debuted on Pixel devices in October a year ago is also heading to iOS devices in the coming future. The company has promised that Lens in Google Photos will roll out to iOS users soon.

Google Lens is an add-on for photos which allows users to scan images for more information.

Google's artificial intelligence-powered imaging technology expands its availability to all Google Photo users on Android.

In the above image you can see the welcome page of Google Lens Preview which asks you to do more with your photos.

Through Google Lens, users can obtain information by simply scanning things/objects through their Android smartphone.

The Google Lens understands what you are looking for and it will give you the correct information about the photographs that you have captured through your smartphone. This stays the same with Android P - Google is making the first preview available exclusively by manual download and flash to emphasize it is for developers only and not intended for daily or consumer use.

Additionally, Google Lens is also capable of performing a number of tasks based on what it identifies in the image. If the sensor is covered, it also turns off the Ambient Display feature, which shows you the time and notifications even if your device is locked. For these four devices, you'll need to manually sideload the update, and we've got a handy tutorial to help you do just that.

Here is our first hands-on experience with the Google Lens Preview for Android.

The app will come with support for other Google services such as Google Maps and more.

However, ahead of the Google's I/O 2018 slated to be held in May, the company is rolling out the update to its Google Photos app.

  • Arturo Norris