Florida senate passes bill to allow teachers to carry guns

Most classroom teachers would be unable to carry firearms under the bill passed Monday by the Florida Senate in response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

The $1 million appropriation for the Parkland high school is included in a larger bill from the Florida Legislature that establishes a program to arm certain school employees, institutes several gun restrictions and expands school safety programs.

The email demands that lawmakers "leave the rights of law-abiding gun owners alone".

One amendment adopted at the last-minute on Monday bars classroom teachers from participating in an armed school staff program that is part of the bill.

The amendment failed 42-71, with two Republicans - Rene Plasencia of Orlando and Shawn Harrison of Tampa - joining 40 Democrats in voting to try to kill the program.

Scott has spoken out against arming teachers, a point used by House Democrats in arguing against the program.

"So what do we have before us today?" "We need a ban on assault weapons and these high-powered magazines". "This is why people are so fed up with politics".

"We don't think that more guns on top of students is the answer", Heastie said.

Gov. Brown calls the bill common sense and lifesaving.

Another Fort Lauderdale Democrat, Sen.

Republican Rep. Elizabeth Porter lashed back at that idea.

"Take the guns first, go through due process second", Mr Trump said.

"There shouldn't be that much responsibility put on the teacher", he said. It didn't dawn on me when I went to the school and saw where he had dragged himself out of the building and died in front of the door, it never dawned on me, well, what if he had a gun. "We must act swiftly and decisively to implement additional measures in schools throughout our state to give students, parents, and teachers the resources and peace of mind that they deserve". Are there any children on this floor? When it becomes law, things will start changing, ' Galvano said. Porter said. "No. The adults make the laws".

The House will vote on Senate Bill 7026 on Wednesday.

The House's legislative session is scheduled to end on Friday.

It also means the high school keeps its current "A" rating even if many or all of the students decide to skip the exams.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Tuesday the House will take up a bill creating a federal grant program to train students, teachers and school officials how to identify and intervene early when signs of violence arise.

The Senate bill as it was passed echoes a number of other proposals endorsed by Scott after the February 14 massacre, including new powers for police to temporarily seize guns from people involuntarily committed or deemed by a court a danger to themselves or others.

  • Joanne Flowers