DCCC Posts Opposition Research on Democrat Candidate in Texas Race

In the first USA primary of the 2018 midterm election season, Texas Democrats were fielding their largest contingent of congressional and legislative candidates in a primary in several decades, and were encouraged the strong early turnout was a sign of electoral success to come in the most populous Republican-held state. Will Hurd's expansive border district that runs from San Antonio to El Paso, all voted for Hillary Clinton over Trump in 2016.

In Washington, though, there's a hint of worry about what kinds of candidates can win in Republican-leaning areas Democrats may need to regain majorities on Capitol Hill and dent GOP advantages in some statehouses.

Republicans Cody Harris of Palestine, Linda Timmerman of Streetman and Thomas McNutt of Corsicana all filed for the House seat, and Democrat Wesley Ratcliff of Oakwood will also seek the office.

Jynelle Mikula, who voted in the GOP primary Tuesday at a Houston elementary school, says assault-style weapons and bump stocks shouldn't be sold to the public.

But numerous Democratic voters who turned out for Obama in 2012 were no-shows in the 2014 midterm election. For one thing, Bush split from the rest of the family and backed Donald Trump.

There's been a downside to the Democrats' surge of candidates in some places, however. Democrats in the state are proudly touting the fact that for the first time in over two decades, the party has fielded candidates in all of Texas' 36 congressional districts.

According to The Associated Press, other GOP candidates in Texas are campaigning in similar form - one bragging about his "bigly" wins over Democrats, another saying she "stands with Trump", and still another airing a campaign ad showing him standing in a swamp and wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat. But 65 percent of the Texas population lives in the 15 largest counties.

That is good news for Cruz's Democratic challenger, Rep. Beto O'Rourke, who was already beatingCruz in fundraising. That would be troubling news for the Cruz campaign, which is trailing O'Rourke in fundraising by $1.5 million as of mid-February.

In all, 12,242 voters got to the polls early, this primary season.

Republican political consultant Derek Ryan noted that only about 3 percent of those casting ballots early in the Democratic primary were first-time voters, meaning most Texans participating "were probably voting Democrat in general elections in previous cycles". Still, Rice University Professor Robert Stein believes the early voter turnout could be more than the state sees on election day.

"You have a Florida House that is not reflective of the state's electorate", Rep. Smith said. For more information, including where you can cast your ballot, check out the state's website here. In the 2014 primary, only 22,569 voted early and by mail.

Another race is that of the 148th District Court, where two Republicans and two Democrats will go head-to-head Tuesday night.

So, perhaps the hope is that with the small turnout at a primary election, the decisions, which the legislature is pushing off on us, will sail through easier.

"There is a reason to be concerned, for sure", said Matt Mackowiack, a veteran Republican operative in Austin.

"For the Democrats, the early vote turnout is modeling past presidential primaries", he added.

  • Leroy Wright