Trump must lead on new gun restrictions

However, there was a clear-cut partisan gulf since 68 per cent of Republicans favoured US President Donald Trump's proposal of training teachers to carry guns in schools, compared to just 18 per cent of Democrats.

David Dobransky runs a small gun store in North Canton, Ohio. "No bigger fan. I'm a big fan of the NRA", Trump said.

In Rapid City, South Dakota, things are back to normal at Rapid-Fire Firearms after panic buying under President Barack Obama.

On the morning after President Trump's appearance at the Gridiron Dinner, the Washington Post published a story to assure us this president is not normal, and his moods have become so dark and erratic as to endanger national security. And now, NBC News also reports that Trump was actually motivated by something much more erratic than economic concerns: his temper. Some are appealing to his desire for a robust stock market and warning that the trade penalties could unravel some of the gains they attribute to the tax bill he signed previous year.

Former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus said Republicans "couldn't be happier" with the Trump administration's results during an interview Sunday on ABC's "This Week".

Her title belied the extent of her power within the West Wing - after John F. Kelly was appointed White House chief of staff, she had more access to the Oval Office than nearly any other staff member.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said conversations are "ongoing".

The only must-pass measure on the agenda is the spending bill still being drafted to finalize the appropriations process for the year that, once passed, will free up lawmakers to focus their efforts on what is quickly overtaking Capitol Hill: the battle for control of Congress in the midterm elections.

For instance, aides said, Trump seethed with anger last Wednesday night over cable news coverage of a photo, obtained by Axios, showing Sessions at dinner with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the Russian Federation investigation, and another top Justice Department prosecutor. "Trust me, I'm hearing from my Second Amendment supporters and my ban-the-gun supporters". John Cornyn, R-Texas, during a bipartisan meeting with members of Congress on school and community safety at the White House on Wednesday.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R- S.C., urged Congress to take action over American gun laws.

Trump can move this and other broader bills. I know you heard the words. "It was wild", said South Dakota Sen.

Republicans, who hold a majority in the House and Senate, have largely learned to take these setbacks in stride. "I hope the President will get behind this". "What we're now seeing is the radiating effects of that, and it's enveloped him, his White House, his family and his friends".

"Is anyone ok with this, because I'm sure as hell not", Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., tweeted Thursday.

"The lack of anything resembling a serious process around both the gun and tariff announcements makes painfully clear we have a White House in disarray at the same time we have a world in disarray", said Richard Haass, a veteran diplomat and president of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman suggested that even if the Senate can find agreement, Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Ohio, will face a tougher legislative lift in the House.

  • Leroy Wright