The Walking Dead Awards: Jadis's story takes a huge leap forward

The Walking Dead creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman hopes the television series will "eventually" explore Negan's backstory and delve deeper into what formed the villain's philosophy. She looks around at their home as walkers begin to infiltrate their streets. She goes to close the gate as more of the dead shamble towards the opening, but the snarling corpses wedge themselves between the gate and the door, providing a needlessly gory moment when a walker's face gets caught on the lock and its decaying flesh is pulled from its skull.

You're in trouble now: What is Negan going to do when he realizes Simon massacred the Scavengers? She was left alone in the junkyard, only to see Rick and Michonne appear. Very little that happened had much outcome and the tension about whether she and Aaron were to be executed drained away with just a few words about how Rick might be vengeful were they were show up dead. But he obviously couldn't tell her anything about it because that would ruin the surprise. Or the one spotted flying behind Rick's head in season 7, the first time he visits the Heapsters? Negan is suave and a showman, Rick is prone to flustered outbursts.

Did anyone completely forget about Aaron and Enid? I thought she would jump in herself but she instead chose to lay there. Or would they revolt to avenge their leader's death? Negan cared about Carl, and even when he was outsmarted by him, it only caused him to respect him even more. We'll still continue to come out with great digital content but I'm excited about the kind of stuff we can do. This episode, Enid was able to convince Cyndie (Sydney Park) that she should let them go. He is looking for an apology from Jadis for their betraying Negan. She's lost her phony "trash person" dialect.

As for the Scavengers, how 'bout that industrial grinder at the junkyard turning what remained of Jadis's crew into zombie slurry? But Simon, obviously exhausted of fighting a war on multiple fronts, kills another, before telling his goons to light the rest of them up, killing all of them but Jadis. Rick makes it clear he's still going to kill Negan. When Jadis isn't honest enough he shoots two of her people.

Rick and Michonne climb a pile of trash to find Jadis sitting on top. Helipad? Solar panels? Could there be Savior-fighting gold in them thar hills of trash? When Rick asks Jerry why he's not at the Kingdom, Jerry tells Rick that it's hard to say no to Siddiq (oh please). She begs to come with them but Rick shoots his gun in the air before leaving.

Location, location, location: Of course Rick and Michonne's house didn't get bombed or burnt. He tells her that he didn't want Jadis dead. She just wanted to keep her people safe in their own little world, much like the Oceanside community.

Rick, ever the wordsmith, simply repeats his promise that he's coming to kill him, which nearly certainly means we'll spend the next three or four episodes with secondary characters before anything interesting happens.

Rick presses his fingers into his forehead a lot and uses the walkie-talkie he grabbed at A-town to dial up Negan. Negan isn't affected by much, but hearing that Carl is dead is something that made him take pause and after hearing that he wrote Negan a letter asking for peace between all sides, he took another moment of pause. Rick opts to read Carl's letter to Negan instead, and gets so worked up he immediately gets Negan on the walkie talkie. Rick reads Carl's words for Negan, a call for peace. Could Carl actually get through to Negan through death?

What did Carl write to Negan?

The final moments of the episode were Negan telling Rick how it was his fault that his son died. It's time, do not let any more of your shit decisions cost you to lose anyone else that you love.

In the short time that Negan spent with Carl, he saw his potential to be a leader, though probably not the type of leader his father is, but more a leader like himself.

  • Salvatore Jensen