Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen And The Trading Game

When Mel Kiper placed Josh Allen at the top of his mock draft back in January, many thought he was insane for putting the Wyoming quarterback ahead of the likes of Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield. "I'm sorry about that, but I don't read anything you guys put out. And I'm aware of how I turn the ball over, and that it's not OK", Darnold said during his National Football League scouting combine press conference. But an eye-opening performance on this stage can boost a prospect's stock, while a poor showing can sink it.

After exiting the NFL's version of The Matrix, Darnold took a few minutes to talk to Bleacher Report about what it's like to not throw during quarterback drills, among other topics. Any team that doesn't have a franchise quarterback must do all within its power to attempt to get one. But they have an equal amount of downside.

In between there is the super-smart and confident Josh Rosen, the electric Lamar Jackson and the seemingly always composed Josh Allen.

The only of the top four quarterbacks not to throw: USC's Sam Darnold.

He was also asked on what it would be like to be taken No. 1 overall by the Cleveland Browns, which last happened to a USC quarterback in 2003 when the Cincinnati Bengals picked Carson Palmer.

So who will end up being the top guy this year? "They're not gonna be the guy to get in your face and "MF" you or do any of that stuff for doing something wrong".

He has drawn positive reviews for his mechanics and football IQ, possessing the tools needed to become a successful NFL quarterback. But I also understand why more players are making the decision to forego the process, or parts of it.

Allen and Darnold have trained together in their pre-draft work, and Allen said earlier this year that he knew he had "a lot of flaws as a quarterback" but "can be that guy to lead a team". I think the record's 66 or something.

So what about the Giants? Sure, you're throwing at the same time as your presumed peers, and ideally you would like to perform better than them.

Mayfield said what makes him the best option for teams is his accuracy and the way he gets the guys around him to play.

"If the Giants like Josh Allen, the Giants have two key elements that Josh Allen needs - time and a very good quarterback coach", added Pauline.

While Darnold and Allen are now jostling for draft position, and could soon become competitors on the field, they have become friends while preparing to reach that point. "But I think that coaches can really see what I care about".

"No teams have asked me to be a wide receiver", Jackson said.

Jackson talked about the idea of switching to wide receiver at the combine on Friday, stating "That's insane, you know, I thought I did a good job at quarterback!. So it was hard, but it was a decision I had to make and a gut feeling that I went with and stuck with". If it was easy, everyone would do it and Tom Brady wouldn't have been pick No. 199 back in 2000.

SD: I watched the film of all my turnovers from the last two years, and every time my hand comes off the ball, I just get that feeling of, Oh crap, I shouldn't be doing that.

Now if we look at some of the other quarterbacks with first-round hype in this draft, their prototypes are either not as clear or as successful.

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