Oscars 2018: These are the Canadians who won Academy Awards

Out of its launch at the fall film festivals, "The Shape of Water" (Metascore: 85) was on the road to the Oscars, notching awards from the PGA, DGA, ACE Eddie Awards, plus Best Director wins from the Golden Globes, Critics Choice, BAFTA, and Los Angeles Film Critics. Numerous other films are not familiar to the average viewer.

"So we were committed to using those people all across the board on the film and we think it's a great moment for Canadian filmmaking".

Miles Dale says he feels "ecstatic" about his best picture Oscar win and harbours no ill feelings after his speech was spoiled by play-off music.

"Searchlight has been ideal", said Del Toro.

"The Shape of Water" tells the story of a mute cleaning lady, Eliza (Sally Hawkins) who conspires with her gay friend and neighbor (Richard Jenkins) and her co-worker (Octavia Spencer) to rescue a creature - a muscular merman - that is being held captive in a secret Cold War-era government laboratory.

But Gerwig's "Lady Bird" left empty handed, Rachel Morrison did not become the first female cinematography victor (the long-snubbed Roger Deakins got that honor finally for "Blade Runner 2049" after 14 nominations) and Ford was not the first transgender Oscar-winner.

Two years ago, there were vociferous complaints about the nominations of nearly exclusively white performers, contrasted to the absence of artists of color.

American television viewers could barely stifle a yawn for Hollywood's biggest night, with the Academy Awards plunging to a record-low viewership of 26.5 million people in the U.S. It could be called a "genre film", and indeed genre films have always played better with the public than with the Academy, but upon closer inspection it's really a hybrid of drama, comedy, fantasy, romance, musical and monster movie, effective at each of those things individually and collectively.

Backstage after the show, he said it felt like "a watershed moment" for the Toronto film industry. The honor made him the first Black screenwriter to receive the award and Peele was more than thankful to moviegoers who spread the word about the flick.

"It started with 'Good Will Hunting, ' 'Chicago, ' now us...." Give us a minute, we don't want another thing.

In addition to the monologue, Kimmel's other big comedy set piece was when he collected a group of stars from the audience - Gal Gadot, Emily Blunt, Armie Hammer and Ansel Elgort among them - and walked them across the street to a theater to surprise an audience who were watching a sneak preview of A Wrinkle in Time.

"Thank you to the academy". Maybe they will see it now.

Half a century ago, Bob Hope's films were wildly popular but the comedian had never been nominated for an Academy Award.

Amazon's The Big Sick and Netflix's Mudbound won nothing, but Netflix's film about Russian doping, Icarus, took best documentary, suggesting the Academy's resistance to streaming services is weakening.

You see, Tobe Hooper's work has helped shape horror in some truly wonderful ways.

History was made by both screenwriters, James Ivory and Jordan Peele, who won Oscars on Sunday.

McDormand extorted all the women nominees and winners to stand up from their seats to get the recognition they deserved.

  • Salvatore Jensen