Guillermo del Toro Wins Oscar For Best Director For 'Shape Of Water'

It's all about the Oscars. From last year's Best Picture mix-up to even sexual harassment, Kimmel came in strong. She returned Sunday to present the award for best costume design.

Turns out Guillermo del Toro not only appreciates Baltimore's cinematic heritage, but was anxious to pay tribute to it in his Oscar-winning movie "The Shape of Water". "Everyone that is dreaming of using fantasy to tell the stories about things that are real in the world today, you can do it".

"You know the only other person to be expelled from the academy, ever, was a character actor named Carmine Caridi - in 2004, he was kicked out for sharing screeners". Has the lack of nominations for blockbusters or movies that more people have seen (no matter how well-made) caused people to tune out, especially as there's been an uptick of smaller, often indie movies being honored by the Academy?

The presence of director Greta Gerwig and cinematographer Rachel Morrison as nominees was rightly noted as historic but there were not the wins to take it to a new level.

The Shape of Water, a film which explores the romance between a mute janitor and her aquatic love interest, won Best Picture. Gary Oldman picked up the best actor prize for transforming into Winston Churchill in "Darkest Hour" and Allison Janney for becoming Tonya Harding's mother in "I, Tonya".

As widely predicted by industry press, Frances McDormand completed her basket of trophies by adding the Best Actress Oscar to her Golden Globe, BAFTA and SAG awards, putting to rest speculation of a Sally Hawkins Hail Mary win.

Rap artist Common and singer Andra Day brought the leaders of activist movements, including #MeToo and Black Lives Matter, onstage for a performance of their Oscar-nominated song Stand Up For Something.

The "immigrant" theme dominated the acceptance speech, and not for the first time Sunday, in one of the major Oscar categories - the best director award.

"Honestly, this means more to me than the NBA Championship", Bryant confessed with a grin. "And the reason I remember that time is because it was March of a year ago".

The 2018 Oscars not only featured the comedic stylings of Jimmy Kimmel and another fantastic Hollywood prank, but it also features several outstanding montages paying tribute to the magic of the movies.

The best that Hollywood's big night has done in the first round of ratings over the past decade-plus was back in 2005.

Although all of the nine films were commercial successes, only two of the nominees for Best Picture made over $100 million at the box office.

Overnight returns have the near four-hour show averaging an 18.9 overnight Nielsen rating - a number equating roughly to the percentage of America's estimated 118.4 million households that tuned in - according to trade weeklies Variety and the Hollywood Reporter.

  • Salvatore Jensen