Billy Graham Laid to Rest in North Carolina Hometown

The president is not scheduled to speak at the funeral at Graham's namesake library in Charlotte.

Warren said Graham was a major influence on how he learned how to preach. "I could remember vividly sitting there watching Billy Graham and that moment the Lord saved me".

"The Billy Graham that the world saw on television, the Billy Graham that the world saw in the big stadium was the same Billy Graham that we saw at home", Franklin Graham said.

The Rev. Billy Graham's translator for his 1973 trip to South Korea has recalled how the preacher, who died February 21, was once labeled a "witch doctor" by North Korea, but ended up handing Kim Il Sung a Bible. "All of us need to try to support Trump the best we can in the areas we can", he said.

He said that in the a year ago of his father's life, the man known for his words, "said very little at all". The translator recalled his advise for the evangelist: "I said, go fishing with him, but make sure that you get a favor in return". But I'll see you again. "To God be the glory". And on Friday, Billy Graham was laid to rest beside her grave in his own unique casket.

"My father's greatest longing has been granted, he's in the presence of God", he said.

Graham was being buried next to his wife Ruth in the prayer garden. Wake up, world. Wake up, Anne.

But when she approached her father's house, he welcomed her, Ruth Graham said, opening his arms to wrap her in a hug. No blame, no condemnation; just unconditional love.

The very few criticisms I read about him this week are eclipsed by a lifetime of crusading for good and God. The tent is 28,000 square feet. Graham reached out to people of different faiths, communities, and backgrounds was inspiring to him. Dignitaries from more than 50 countries also were expected to attend. "You can watch the service live on my Facebook page at 12:00 noon Eastern", he tweeted. Graham's, performed "Above All", following tributes from members of the Graham family. The three performers are veterans of Graham's crusades and events, and were friends of his.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Rev. A piper in full Highland dress played hymns including Amazing Grace and I will sing the wondrous story. In 2006, they built the plain wooden casket that would one day be lowered into the Charlotte, North Carolina, ground at the burial service for the globe-trotting preacher and spiritual confidant to American presidents.

Following the funeral, Rev.

"The message continues. He's one of many, many servants that God has called to preach the gospel - the simple gospel message - and so that's what should continue to happen", said Rev. Michael Randall, of Kansas City, Mo.

Graham's impact was felt far beyond the US and religious circles.

Graham is only the fourth private person to lie in honour since 1998. Clinton flew into Charlotte to pay his respects on Tuesday.

Let's examine Sam Roberson's charge that Billy Graham's passing has been turned into a spectacle for political or promotional purposes by his son, Franklin, who runs the family business.

Today at the Billy Graham Library, about 2,000 people will be present to attend Graham's funeral.

He recalled his father's voice, "booming, proclaiming the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ". "When they were showing the invitation at the end asking people to give their life to Christ, I did".

In keeping with Rev. Graham's humility was incredible.

"His fingerprints are on this service for sure", family spokesman Mark DeMoss said in a phone interview. "A wooden cross is nailed to the top of the casket".

  • Julie Sanders