Winter storm watch begins Wednesday afternoon

The full moon Thursday, the storm and the winds will all bring rounds of coastal flooding from the Friday morning high tide through at least the Saturday night high tide.

In parts of coastal New England, residents are piling up sandbags to protect their properties ahead of the storm, and in some communities officials on Thursday were calling for evacuations. Snow will taper off Friday evening and night. And once again, the forecast is calling for yet another fairly extreme shift in local conditions in the form of heavy rain and wind for this upcoming weekend, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

Coastal flooding is also possible from Long Island all the way up to Maine.

Rain is forecast to creep into the region mid-afternoon Thursday, and the strongest winds kick in Friday, persisting throughout the day and perhaps through Saturday evening. Sustained wind speeds of at least 40 miles per hour, or gusts of 58 miles per hour or more can lead to property damage.

Meteorologists are predicting a storm surge of 3 to 4 feet, and because of the battering waves and consistent winds, water will likely be unable to recede much even at low tide, Buttrick said. Already some rain showers have spread into New Jersey and rain will intensify and become more widespread overnight. Numerous power outages are possible.

Rain could cause flooding in some areas, and will eventually change to accumulating snow from west to east on Thursday and into Thursday night.

For inland areas, the wind will not be quite as strong but still damaging and where there's snow, the combination of snow and wind can bring about more potential power issues.

The advisory means travel will be hard and you should think twice about being out on the roads late afternoon through the evening. Forecasters said that exact snowfall amounts remained uncertain; however, signs suggest a "conveyor belt" of cold air could result in "more efficient snow accumulation".

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The National Weather Service has upgraded the next storm system to a "winter storm watch" across all of northeastern Nevada.

Sunday night: A 20 percent chance of rain after midnight, mixing with snow after 1 a.m., low around 35. Flooding will be likely along highway 12 at times, especially around high tide.

  • Leroy Wright