Students return to Parkland, Florida school after shooting massacre

Students had mixed emotions as they returned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School today for the first time since the mass shooting that killed 17 people and sent shock waves across the nation.

"Obviously our school will never be the same, but I think once we get back into our normal routine people will shift back into a comfortable state", Fischer said.

Marion Hammer, a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association and Unified Sportsmen of Florida, told the House Appropriations Committee that she supports tightening school security and keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, but not the House bill's gun-ownership restrictions, which she later said would not have stopped the Parkland shooting.

Harrison's parents said while they weren't anxious about their daughter's return to school, there is still a feeling of uncertainty.

This first day back was about healing.

The Women's March Youth Empower national school walkout, scheduled for 10 a.m. March 14, encourages students to walk out of school for 17 minutes to honor the 17 victims in Parkland. "So that was very upsetting".

"We can't wait and play games and nothing gets done", Trump said at a meeting with lawmakers from both parties.

For now, it's considered a crime scene, said Robert Runcie, superintendent of Broward County Public Schools. Maintaining open lines of communication between home and school is critical in order for us to earn the trust of our families and build strong relationships with the people we serve. "Therefore, community members outside of Joplin High School will not be able to participate due to safety".

Rush told a story from Wednesday morning when her younger son asked if he could bring a book he is reading to school.

"Sometimes the movement can kind of halt when there aren't massive shootings because people forget that that is an issue that affects millions of people every single day even when there aren't mass shootings", Solomon said.

Israel, a Democrat first elected sheriff in 2012, has said that calls for his removal by a group of 74 Republican state lawmakers is politically motivated and that he has no intention of stepping down.

At one point, he turned to a Republican senator and said, "You're afraid of the NRA", referring to the National Rifle Association, the premier and powerful USA gun lobby.

In the days that followed the massacre, Stoneman Douglas survivors not only attended funerals for the slain students and staff, but also took political action, rallying together for tighter gun control laws.

Among the students not present are those still recovering from injuries from the shooting.

Broward County officials planned the school's opening in phases, with teachers and staff returning to work Monday and Tuesday, and classes resuming Wednesday.

As surviving students face a daunting return to the hallways and classrooms where classmates and teachers died, Cruz was due back in court on Wednesday for a hearing to determine whether he has the assets to pay for his own defence.

At the school, parents hugged their children, some with tears in their eyes. Resumption of where they left off on the February 14 shooting-which took place in 4th period-was done so that students and teachers could reunite with those there when the shooting happened.

Classes are now underway at Stoneman Douglas, two weeks since the deadly shooting on campus.

"We believe our kids are ready", he said.

A gun going off to signal the start of a race at a recent track meet, he said, triggered reactions for some students. They're proposing spending $400 million on additional mental health services to hire more school resource officers and to upgrade security at the schools.

  • Arturo Norris