Cartoons: Should teachers have guns in the classroom?

Donald Trump has backed arming teachers who are good at golf and baseball as a means of protecting schoolchildren.

"We would give these individuals the very same training that we give a new deputy", Brown said.

Ivanka Trump says that President Trump's plan to arm teachers as a way to curb school shootings is a worthy idea. Where will these strays go inside a school?

Virginia state law prohibits the possession of a firearm, stun weapon or other weapon on school property.

While her father has long proven what he thinks of Black youth, isn't Ivanka Trump supposed to be the one who advocates for women and girls? So, rather than arming USA teachers, wouldn't the smarter option be to change the law and make buying a gun that much harder?

"I believe in defense in depth". Where would their weapon be kept at? The call is for teachers "adept" with firearms.

Imagining such a scenario so soon after what happened in Parkland, Florida, seems disrespectful - and it is.

'Obviously there would have to be an incredibly high standard for who would be able to bear arms in our schools.

There have been several other school shootings this year alone, and we need to work together to make them stop. It isn't in teachers' job descriptions. Students wouldn't know which teachers have guns, and a person attacking the school wouldn't know either. They want to teach math, reading, science, band camp, etc. - not to shoot people. Is every classroom now going to have a gun closet? WHERE YOUR STUDENT'S DISTRICT STANDS Curious if teachers might be carrying weapons at your student's school in the future?

Since the shooting, protesting students have promised to stay prominent in America's gun debate until laws are tightened.

Lynchburg Police Department spokesperson Lt. Teacher falls. then what?

The reality is that this is one of the worst ideas ever to confront the problem of school shootings, and will only make a tragic situation worse.

Unsurprisingly, many teachers aren't into the idea either.

"Just thinking about what a teacher might go through in that situation", Lori Sandel, Ohio administrator, said.

As Chris Burrow, superintendent of Georgetown Exempted Village Schools, told My Dayton Daily News, "We made a decision to be transparent".

She's exactly right. The questions abound. To prevent the trigger from being pulled, we need to ensure that guns don't get into the hands of would-be mass shooters in the first place. Send us mentors and volunteers and tutors ...

An officer's training involves many aspects including the use of force and when it can legally be used, alternative processes to using force, training on both hand and shot guns, drills on loading and handling firearms safely and high stress training.

Terri Daly is an elementary school librarian and teacher in Park Hill, the district a high school student threatened online early Friday. Appomattox County Public Schools is adding some classroom door locks and cameras. Teachers can and will do it, but they shouldn't be given that responsibility. And because students, led by the survivors of the Parkland shooting, are clamoring for answers that we grown-ups have failed to provide to this point.

If schools can't buy pencils and paper, then why would they spend money on firearms and training?

"This is all the luck of the draw", Brown said. The district now shares an armed school resource officer with four other school districts.

Brown's desire to arm teachers may face an uphill climb. Teachers pay an average of $500 a year out of pocket on school supplies.

Oftentimes the shooter is a student, and we are asking teachers to hunt them down and shoot them. They know that these children's lives are at risk.

  • Leroy Wright