Trump Says He Advocates Arming Only Teachers With Special Training

"Time has stood still", said Sam Zeif, Parkland School Shooting survivor. "I'd much rather have a hardened school".

President Trump has also directed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to draft regulations that would ban any devices that would turn legal, semi-automatic firearms into automatic weapons, like bump stocks. Raising the minimum age to purchase a long gun would be a massive step by Congress and the president to enacting laws that address American gun culture.

"It should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it and I'm pissed".

The commander-in-chief made these comments during a school safety event at the White House, where he also said the country needed to "harden our schools, not soften 'em up" and blamed mass shootings on violent video games and movies.

"We can understand both sides, certainly it's controversial", Trump said in response. What would you most want me to know about your experience?", "2. The President's idea was met with support from numerous attendees, CNN reported. "I lost my best friend who is practically my brother, I am here to use my voice because he can't". The photo quickly went viral on social media and Netizens were "appalled" that the President had to remind himself to "empathise" with visitors, who had been directly impacted by the shooting.

At the session, Trump repeated his suggestion that some teachers get trained to handle firearms as a deterrent to shooters and disparaged "gun-free zones". "Nobody is going to attack that school".

An AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle was used in the second deadliest shooting at a USA public school. Shah clarified that the president thinks the name "active shooter drill" is too frightening for children and should be changed. Kurth asked at a CNN "town hall" Wednesday about gun violence.

She added, "I'm happy there's such a commitment to action on all the steps taken that could have prevented it". "Am I supposed to strap (a gun) to my leg or put it in my desk?" "You do a hide carry permit".

A 2013 poll by the National Education Association found that only 22 percent of teachers said they liked the idea of arming staff.

President Donald Trump: "It's called concealed carry, where a teacher would have a concealed gun on them".

  • Salvatore Jensen