Trump, gun lobby chief push to arm citizens as solution to shootings

A Parkland teacher who survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School visited students at her alma mater in Indiana, Friday, and told future teachers she thinks arming teachers with guns is a bad idea.

It was not clear what Trump meant when he said that LaPierre and Cox "will do the right thing", but the NRA on Wednesday said it is opposed to Trump's proposal to increase the minimum age to purchase a rifle.

Trump also suggested that the possibility of arming teachers as he vowed strong background checks and mental health screenings for gun buyers during the televised White House meeting with those affected by school shootings on Wednesday.

Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos held a "listening session" with survivors of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where 17 people, including 14 students, died on Valentine's Day.

"We need to let people know, you come into our schools you're going to be dead, and it's going to be fast", he said.

"I think they wouldn't go into the schools to start off with - I think it could very well solve your problem", he said. "She has a hole in her arm and a bruise from her shoulder to her elbow that looks like somebody whacked her with a bat and she's like, 'I'm here because we need to get things ready, '" Fusco said. There first? In every community, PTAs, teachers' unions, local law enforcement, moms and dads - they all must come together to implement the very best strategy to harden their schools, including effective trained, armed security that will absolutely protect every innocent child in this country.

The future is daunting for potential teacher Chelsea Smith, but she says she is undeterred.

Trump has said designating schools as "gun-free zones" puts students in "far more danger". "They're going to do what's right". The shooting, Israel said, lasted six minutes.

But in the aftermath of yet another mass school shooting, there are deep divisions, from President Donald Trump to educators, parents and school security officers, about whether teachers should be armed.

"What I saw was a deputy arrive at the west side of building 12, take up a position", Israel said. Would giving guns to teachers make students feel safer - or even more on guard, when they should be open to learning? If the age limit for purchasing rifles and shotguns is raised to 21, as President Trump has now called for, adults under the age of 21 would no longer be legally allowed to purchase any firearms.

"I turned 18 the day after" the shooting, said tearful student Samuel Zeif.

"Crooked Hillary said that I want guns brought into the school classroom". He has floated the idea of arming teachers as a possible deterrent.

He told Iannucci the White House would endure its "bloodiest time in this administration" between now and November when the U.S. holds midterm elections.

"The problem is that risky people have very easy access to very unsafe weapons", said Eskelsen Garcia.

  • Joanne Flowers