Sweden take gold to end Korean fairytale run

Japan has competed in every Olympics curling has been contested, but has never finished higher than fifth.

"So when we had to face them again I think it gave us a clear sense of objective to win, and also there are other reasons that we have to win against Japan compared to other teams".

Underlining their growing sense of self-belief, that run of victories included a 7-6 thriller against the Scandinavian heavyweights in which the Korean rink showcased pinpoint shots, strong teamwork and tactical prowess.

Nao Kodaira ended Lee Sang-Hwa's chase for her third straight 500m Olympic gold medal.

I have been drawing in my head since I was a junior. "One user wrote: "(This is) the polar opposite of what the Olympics stand for.

"I will continue training to prepare for Beijing 2022, but I think I will have to put in more effort to prepare for that than anybody else", Lee said.

Between players, they are given nicknames otherwise goutus, according to their breakfast favorite: "Pancake", "Yogurt", "Steak", "Cookie" and "Sunny" (from the English for "fried egg").

China's DQ allowed Italy, which finished third, to move up to silver.

"It's an honor for us to win South Korea's first silver medal and we have faced many struggles to come this far", said Korean skip Kim Eun-jung. Two of the team are sisters, while all of their surnames are Kim. We wanted to set up nicknames that would be easy for foreigners to use.

As of Thursday afternoon, almost 570,000 signatures had been gathered on an online petition to South Korea's presidential office calling for skaters Kim Bo-Reum and Park Ji Woo to be expelled from the Olympics.

Many have been mesmerized by the South Korean "skip", or captain, Kim Eun-jung, with her owl-eyed glasses.

The Dutch team of Suzanna Schulting, Yara van Kerkhof, Lara van Ruijven and Jorien ter Mors watched the chaos unfold from the sidelines, not expecting they would soon be celebrating a medal. "Now I'm careful to say this, but we thought of doing even better".

The Garlic Girls, as the hosts' team are known, will face Sweden who beat Britain comfortably 10-5 with an end to spare in the other semi-finals. It would be an incredible climax to a remarkable journey. At the Games' opening ceremony, she was the final Olympic torch bearer, briefly exhibiting her skating prowess before lighting the cauldron at the PyeongChang Olympic Plaza in front of millions of TV viewers around the world. "We just kept smiling out there".

In the seventh, Sweden lied three in the house, and Muirhead made a massive mistake for Britain, hitting her own guard and stopping before even making it into the house to give Sweden a five point lead with just three ends to play.

"It's the first competition and at home", Lee said after crying on the medal stand.

  • Leroy Wright