Students: More gun control needed after Florida school shooting

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said he's investigating claims that some Coral Springs police officers saw several of his deputies outside the building after the shooting began.

However, the Legislature's Republican leadership proposed letting teachers carry a gun if they have had law enforcement training.

"There are no words, I mean these families lost their children", Israel said.

But the Parkland kids are still in front of us, and still talking. Why?

"Well-trained, gun-adept teachers and coaches" should carry firearms in schools, he told the crowd. "We have to harden our schools, not soften them", Mr Trump said during a White House meeting on Thursday.

"Unfortunately, both plans omit a third, critically important piece of legislation Democrats have been and continue to push for: a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines", said state Senate Democratic Leader Oscar Braynon.

"We are hoping that, as they come back to school, they know the entire community is behind them", said Lacey Rogers, the marketing coordinator at the school. "That is not the answer".

New signs, one listing the names of the victims under the date of the massacre and a heading that read "We Will Never Forget" and another with the school's logo and the phrase "We Shall Overcome", have appeared on the fence around the faculty and staff parking lot.

"There was hugging. There were tears", said teacher Jim Gard.

Trump says he supports fixing background check and mental health loopholes, raising the gun purchasing age for rifles to 21, and banning bump stocks - the device used by the Las Vegas shooter to increase the firing speed of his semi-automatic rifles. Trump has not yet formally proposed any legislative plan and he spent much of the week endorsing the notion of arming teachers and school officials - a plan the gun lobby supports.

Then the students in Parkland, Florida, who survived a Valentine's Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 people dead, responded by demanding that gun laws change - and refusing to stop.

"I disagree with arming teachers". Such disciplinary action can sometimes hurt a student's chances of getting into a preferred college.

Trump said that past efforts to address school safety and gun violence had faded and "nothing ever gets done".

But as military-style guns have become the weapon of choice for mass shootings, public outrage has created a new push to renew the ban.

When President Donald Trump raised the idea of banning "bump stocks" and curbing young people's access to gun, gun owners and advocates who helped his political rise talked about disloyalty and desertion. Peterson resigned after he was suspended without pay.

That followed the revelation that the school's armed resource officer, Broward County Sheriff's Deputy Scot Peterson, had also remained outside the school when the shooting took place.

Hogg is one of the most recognizable faces in the movement.

She said Cruz posted pictures of weapons on social media, writing, "I want to kill people".

"I've had costumers come in here that I know have been Baker Acted", explains Mark Raines, the owner of Masters of Gun and Rod.

After 17 people were killed by a teenager at the Florida school, Trump said that assault rifles should be kept out of the hands of anyone under 21. "I called the sheriff's department". The FBI blew a tip that he was planning to shoot up a school.

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