BLACK PANTHER Fans Won't Stop Asking Wauconda, Illinois for Vibranium

But when a powerful old enemy reappears, T'Challa's mettle as king-and Black Panther-is tested when he is drawn into a formidable conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda and the entire world at risk.

He displayed all the emotion, intensity and drama necessary to bring the story of a man who tries to bring peace to his troubled country to life.

"Black Panther" mania seems to have reached every corner of the map and one small town is getting lots of attention for its Marvel-ous name. This among other aspects keeps the pacing balanced and a limits boring moments. The movie not only focuses on breaking racial barriers (the cast and characters are primarily African-American, in contrast to past Marvel movies), but it sheds light on other important ideas, touching on environmental and gender issues.

"Culturally, there's so much rich history in this movie that when you're young you grow up hearing, you're descendants of kings and queens from Africa", Crews said.

The music of the movie is true to the setting as it is done in the style that is authentic to the African continent and is played throughout the movie.

The star also added that he felt honoured to be a part of a landmark cultural moment when making the album. Now, fans will be able to bring home their own take on the character to display on their shelves. Biggest opening for an African-American filmmaker (Ryan Coogler). As much as we would like Black Panther's Wakanda to be a real nation, it isn't. First, the visual effects. This keeps the pacing clear and also keeps the viewers guessing.

In the film, the wealthy kingdom ruled by the movie's titular superhero played by Chadwick Boseman is a technological marvel due to it being rich in vibranium - a almost indestructible metal.

It's hard to say that the visual effects were fantastic, because they seem to be incredible in every movie now, but this film's visual effects are unbelievable. When the action happens, you are more anxious about what is going on with the characters rather than with who they are going to fight next.

Coogler doesn't simply allow the women to be a mere supporting role in the film, instead, they are right next to T'Challa in terms of being the heroes.

  • Leroy Wright