When/how can I watch the Olympics Closing Ceremony?

Hungary's breakthrough was accompanied by a victorious moment for China, hosts of the next Winter Games in 2022, when Wu Dajing won their first gold in Pyeongchang with a world record in the men's 500m. It was our last chance to get a medal for our federation, our country, and it's unbelievable that it's a gold.

Defending women's ski cross champ Marielle Thompson is in good form just four months after a devastating knee injury during training, placing first in seeding ahead of fellow Canadians Kelsey Serwa and Brittany Phelan.

There is also skating, which comes in the form of figure skating. Norway won bronze, nearly 3 seconds back.

Standing atop the podium at the Olympics is a priceless memory and experience for athletes. This may signal the beginning of improving relations between the Korean states, as the January 17 meeting marked the first time North and South Korea held a formal meeting and discussion in two years.

"I'm trying to close the gap", she said with a smile, "as little as I can". "Having the strength for that takes a lot of macho", Horn said.

The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attended the combined women's Korean hockey team match only to realize that the team was not a competitive success. But the Dutch were even more devastating at Sochi, where they won 23 medals.

There appears no end in sight, either.

Sure, Nathan Chen did rebound from a dismal short program to have the highest-scoring free skate in the men's Olympic program.

The finale will take place just over two weeks after the opening ceremony wowed on February 9 with fireworks, eye-popping performances, and displays of sportsmanship. But this is to be expected, considering that snowboarding originates from the United States, as it was invented in the 1960s.

The judging scandal in Salt Lake City led the International Skating Union to replace its old system with one that rewards points for various elements. The result has been an influx of talented athletes capable of putting up the monster technical numbers required to succeed.

Another factor that's tightening up the medals race is that the Winter games are showing signs of some NFL-style parity. Kaori Sakamoto was sixth.

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (AP) - Figure skating may be over at the Pyeongchang Games, but don't worry, there is still curling! Don't forget that in 1988 at Calgary, in what essentially was a home Games for the U.S., Americans had a grand total of six medals and just two golds. "It's really hard to understand what just happened".

Ashley of the USOC said he's prepared for questions at the next board meeting, where he'll deliver a breakdown of what went right and wrong in Pyeongchang. "Right now it's Russian Federation that has unbelievable coaches, wonderful schools, and there's a lot of motivation to see their skaters accomplish so much". "It means they can follow their interests - it's a very humanistic approach".

The Closing Ceremony, like the Opening Ceremony, will also take the time to celebrate some of South Korea's rich culture, interwoven into the celebration. To be fair, the games are dominated by European nations that lack the racial diversity the USA boasts. "I struggled to try to keep the emotions together, but I left it all on the mountain like I said I would". According to the World Economic Forum, Norway "is a star performer across nearly every one of the OECD's indicators both for material conditions and quality of life".

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