Trump Allies Urge Him to Stop Proposing Gun Control Measures

"This would obviously only be for people very adept at handling a gun", Trump said. One of the participants suggested having people in the school - teachers, administrators, who have volunteered to have a firearm safely locked in the classroom, and are given training throughout the year. Meanwhile, some supported his stand. Stating clearly that he did not want all teachers to have guns, Trump said teachers with firearms experience should be able to have concealed weapons.

"We need to let people know, you come into our schools you're going to be dead, and it's going to be fast", he said. "It's not a battle - I think the NRA wants to do the right thing". Read some reactions that his stand garnered on Twitter here. And this would only be, obviously, for people that are very adept at handling a gun.

"We're going to work very hard".

Trump also said he backed stronger background checks "with an emphasis on Mental Health", as well as raising the legal age to purchase a gun to 21 and a ban on the sale of bump stocks, which turn semi-automatic weapons into automatic weapons. "They see that it is such a attractive target, they live for gun free zones".

He also said officials might have to "do something" about violent video games and movies, though he did not provide specific ideas, according to a pool report released by the White House.

The White House could not provide details on Thursday about how the country would go about training and arming perhaps 40% of the country's approximately 3.5 million teachers.

"I don't support that", Rubio told a survivor of last week's Florida high school shooting. "It's been going on too long, too many instances and we're going to get it done". Half of Americans, 50 percent, are opposed to arming teachers, while 44 percent are in favor of the plan, the poll found.

He says highly skilled staff members who previously served in the armed forces should be equipped with such weaponry, and that schools should be "hardened".

At the beginning of Thursday's meeting, Trump said, "There's a tremendous feeling that we want to get something done". "What's being described by the president and others sounds more like a prison to me, with the teachers as armed guards and the students as prisoners".

  • Leroy Wright