Scottish Borders weather: Area set for heavy snow

The Met Éireann report for March 2013 said that nearly all weather stations reported the coldest March since their station records began.

Others go straight to the source and visit the Met Office website, while others sign up to phone apps, RSS and email alerts so they can be notified while they're on the go through push-notifications.

The cold spell and the slow-moving weather systems are linked to a meteorological event that happened high up in the stratosphere over the North Pole recently.

She added: "There is some uncertainly on how long the "Beast from the East" will last and exactly how cold it will get, but at the moment it's looking like spring is on hold". That will certainly affect south Wales and it will feel very wintery.

High temperatures in London next week will mostly hover near or just above freezing (0 to 4 Celsius or in the 30s Fahrenheit), with lows of minus-2 to minus-5 Celsius (in the 20s Fahrenheit).

"The most likely time for a period of more widespread snow now looks to be during Tuesday morning".

A West Sussex Highways spokesman said: "Precautionary salting operations will continue throughout the period and snow ploughs will be fitted when required to ensure main roads are kept open".

The warning starts on Tuesday, as a cold spell is set to hit the area.

Tomorrow, Saturday will be dry with bright and sunny spells.

Severe frost is predicted for Monday night with more snow also forecast.

Temperatures are expected to drop as low as -4C, meaning any accumulations of snow will be slow to clear.

Overnight minus temperatures at night from Friday evening but Wednesday will be the coldest day.

Here is what you need to know.

But while Northern Ireland should expect cold temperatures the weather will be crisp and dry through the weekend and into next week. Wear lots of thin layers, eat regular warm and well-balanced meals, and remember that moving about will help keep you warm.

  • Leroy Wright