Australian Deputy Prime Minister Joyce's Resignation Prompts Twitter Uproar

He has previously apologised to Natalie, their four daughters and Ms Campion for the public manner in which the scandal has played out. "It's not fair on them", he said. "I think he needs that time, he needs that time to reflect, he needs that time to seek forgiveness and understanding from his wife and girls", Turnbull said.

He was found in a series of controversies with the Turnbull Coalition government.

Mr Joyce will formally resign on Monday when parliament resumes and there will be a ballot for his position.

Concerns were raised about the roles Mr Joyce's former media adviser was given after he stopped working in his office, opposition politicians asked if positions had been specifically created to accommodate the employment of the Deputy Prime Minister's partner.

Mr Joyce announced he would be stepping down as leader of the Nationals party at 2pm today, which has now sparked the question, who will be taking over? No details have emerged.

"I have asked that be referred to the police", Joyce told reporters Friday.

The scandal has sparked calls for Joyce to resign, but motions to have him removed were defeated in both the House and Senate on Thursday.

"He has a strong interest in the Bruce Highway and a keen understanding of the importance of Section D Cooroy to Curra, which I know he has highlighted to his cabinet colleagues".

He condemned "the leaking, the backgrounding ... it will destroy not only our government".

Firstly the Western Australian branch of the Nationals called on Mr Joyce to resign, which was then followed by two MPs doing likewise. The pair had brought the dogs into Australia without properly declaring them and later publicly apologised. The Nationals, the traditional party of farmers and rural voters, will select a new leader on Monday.

Whoever replaces him might even be a temporary occupant. They are far from being besties and Mr Turnbull will be pleased by his departure.

Before Mr Joyce's announcement, Dr Gillespie said he was a safe pair of hands with ministerial experience and a record of delivering in his electorate. "This partnership is undiminished and will continue to deliver opportunity and security for all Australians", Mr Turnbull added.

A spokesman for Mr Joyce said the "claims" from the WA woman were "spurious and defamatory".

"The issues that have been the subject of discussion over the last two weeks have not been issues between Nationals and Liberals".

And on occasion, as with Mr Joyce and Mr Turnbull, the leader and deputy don't always get on.

  • Leroy Wright