Winter Olympics 2018: Who are Team USA's women's figure skaters?

But if that accomplishment weren't impressive enough on its own (and who would dare say it isn't?), consider this: Nagasu learned that jump at age 24. - She was introduced to the world when she placed third at Skate America in the fall of 2017. - She is known for being consistent and rarely, if not ever falling. It wasn't until a rainy day when she was five years old that she tried ice skating and fell in love.

Nagasu finished ninth, with her US team-mates right behind after Karen Chan and Bradie Tennell both had bumps of their own.

What a lesson in perseverance she is. She back loads her jumps to the second half of her programs, which earns her more points.

"Life in general is overwhelming", she said.

The first figure skating medals were handed out in team competition, with the United States squad bringing home the bronze for the second consecutive Olympics.

It wasn't until after a dismal showing at the 2014 Sochi Games that the USA followed suit.

"Yes, I'm mad, and yes, I'm upset, but I made it here and that's the hard part", said Nagasu. "We were behind Italy for a good little bit". The Black Hills' most accomplished figure skater trains on the same ice, and at the same time as the Olympian.

What distinguishes the axel jump from all other figure skating jumps is that it is the only forward jump, meaning that the skater is moving forward rather than backwards in the air. She withdrew from Russian nationals prior to the Olympics which gave Zagitova the chance to win gold.

Platov said, "They can be in control". "I don't have that personality". Look at Shaun White and Lindsey Vonn just continue on, Olympic cycle after Olympic cycle, that is why they are famous. That's why they're famous, doing it for so many years. I've been having some great skates, some rough skates. "I can't focus on them, though". I simply can not favor one over the other - they are equally unbelievable. "Things happen. We're all human, we make mistakes, so you've just got to get up and keep going". In 2012 and 2013, she finished 7th at the US nationals, and had spotty performances at global competitions. Come join this exchange, which took place at a Sunday's press table.

MIRAI NAGASU: I wish I could land it perfectly every time. She asked him to teach her the triple axel jump, the most challenging move that female skaters perform.

BRADIE TENNELL: I could tell that something was just a little off.

With so much change, said Boitano, the 1988 Olympic gold medalist, people do not develop a strong rooting interest, and the rivalries that generate buzz fail to materialize. "At the time I was kind of in the prime of my career". "I had a renewed sense of motivation and was able to get down to business".

"Finishing top 10 is already a huge accomplishment", Chen said of the team. Here's hoping she'll crush the landing next time, as with the rest of her Team USA competitors. Like she said over and over again Sunday: "Anything is possible".

  • Leroy Wright