US President slams Federal Bureau of Investigation over deadly school shooting

Parents and teachers joined teenagers in laying at the gates of the White House on Monday local time in protest over United States gun laws they say allowed a 19-year-old man to kill 17 people in a school shooting in Florida.

In his post, Trump said it was "very sad" the Federal Bureau of Investigation failed to notice the threat posed by the shooter, as the agency was too busy looking for evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign team and Moscow. This is not acceptable.

"We'll be looking into that over the next short period of time", the president said back in October.

Whitney Bowen and Eleanor Nuechterlein, both juniors at a DC area high school, are planning a "lie-in" on Monday, February 19, through the organization they created: Teens For Gun Reform, which they formed after hearing about the Florida school shooting. However, in a serious breach of protocol, the information was not passed on to a field office.

He was apprehended without incident about 40 minutes later.

That could mean new gun laws. He tweeted that perhaps it was the FBI's fault for investing so much time into the investigation of whether Russian Federation colluded with his presidential campaign rather than tracking accused shooter Nikolas Cruz.

They are calling out politicians like Donald Trump and Marco Rubio for their failure to support gun control laws and for their ties to the NRA.

Gonzalez said they have a prior town hall meeting with CNN anchor Jake Tapper, Shareblue reported, but skipping the session is likely a result of their pro-gun control perspectives. Chris Murphy of CT, who saw 20 children killed in his home state in the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, calls for making updates to the background check system to ensure that states and federal agencies have up-to-date and accurate information on individuals prohibited from buying firearms.

"I know that the word has spread wide and far but I hope that we can even spread it even farther by that point because I know that that's going to be indescribable, but in such a positive way", she said. His only mentions of the massacre came in tweets Saturday contending the FBI was too focused on the Russian Federation investigation to respond to warnings about the alleged shooter and mocking Democrats for failing to pass gun control.

Yarmuth didn't stop his critiques at the President - he said there has been a lack of leadership from Republicans at the national and state level to act on gun control policy.

  • Leroy Wright