Students Across US Stage Walkouts To Protest Gun Violence

Student survivors of the Florida school shooting which left 17 people dead on Valentine's day are to march on Washington DC as they demand changes to gun laws in the US.

For nearly a half-hour after a school shooter dropped his assault-style rifle and escaped Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, police officers thought they were seeing his actions live on the school's security system.

President Donald Trump has gotten into it as well.

"At the end of the day, just be loving, compassionate and caring (for students)", Fusco said. His brother's teacher Scott Beigel was killed while ushering students into a classroom for safety; Matthew was one of the last students that he saved. Another school shooting. Another disturbed shooter.

"It's time to go back", he said. One sign read, "Remember the men who value the NRA over children's lives" and then listed Republicans in Florida's congressional delegation.

Rubio visited Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school and a few days later met with its teachers. "I don't think we should have to do that to make a change, but we do".

But sophomore Nathaly Vilchez said, "I've kinda been a little scared to come to school because I feel like anything could happen, a shooting could happen at any minute".

"While watching the Olympics on Wednesday night, the subject was unavoidable".

Most of these shootings follow a familiar pattern.

Political science experts said the issue could cut both ways - Second Amendment advocates are sure to be energized as lawmakers debate how to deal with gun violence.

My older son was born in NY but spent most of his life in Australia before we moved back to the USA four years ago.

"I'm mere because my daughter has no voice".

She added: "We've had enough of thoughts and prayers". I'm sitting with a mother who lost her son. He and his friends get spooked when a auto drives by, and they're scared to walk into a public park now, he said.

Right after the tragic shooting in Florida, students there started demanding something be done. "It's how parents teach children, it's how societies teach their moral content. How many more children need to die?" "But it's really hard to know".

The Parkland students see something different, a sentiment that is on display any time they deliver a speech or confront legislators in person. Sometimes that may not be running or hiding. They have no place in our society.

"Who do they have on campus?"

Many protesters complained that lawmakers were not serious about reform, and they cautioned that they would oppose in future elections any lawmaker who takes campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association. They have shown us that money is their God. In 2016 students at Oakland Mills High School and Mount Hebron High School held walkouts in response to what were described as racist incidents in school and on social media. They review procedures, they drill scenarios and they pray they never have to use this knowledge. How do we not stop this after Columbine, after Sandy Hook? "They approached me, and it felt like the right time and the right national moment". We must not let them down. "I'm certainly not going to avoid it".

"It's not going to be talk like it has been in the past". We want them to be active, engaged, productive citizens in our society. I've not had that conversation with them. We want commonsense gun laws. But these kids just want to be protected. "Run away, hide, do whatever you have to do to survive". An Ithaca March for Our Lives Facebook event for March 24 was already created and has received interest from over 1,000 Facebook users. If so, what did you say to them? And, as the opponents of meaningful restrictions on the sale of guns and ammunition trot out their well-worn arguments for ignoring the bloodletting, another missed opportunity to call them on the enormous gap in the logic of their case.

  • Leroy Wright