Snapchat stock falls after Kylie Jenner's tweet

KYLIE Jenner has wiped more than $1.5 billion from Snapchat's market value after she sensationally admitted she doesn't use the app anymore.

Following weeks of complaints from users regarding the overhauled design of the app, Snapchat officially responded to complaints from a petition which accumulated over one million signatures.

Such is Jenner's social media power, it appears may of her 24 million followers had similar views of the platform. Many Snapchat users are upset with the update and find it hard to watch their friend's Snaps, let alone their own.

Kylie Jenner had been using Snapchat in the past in order to show off her new look with a new haircut, or give a glimpse into her Kardashian family and her relationship with her baby daddy Travis. I don't know how i feel about it! However, Snap has no plans to roll back the changes.

But the response wasn't almost good enough for some of the 1.2 million angry users who just want Snap kill the redesign altogether.

Opposition to the app's redesign has caused more than 1 million people to sign an online petition calling for the return of the original layout.

A collaboration between Nike, Snapchat, Darkstore and Shopify saw Nike create a "holy grail of shopping experiences", including delivering the shoes on the same night they were purchased.

Fortunately for Snapchat, it's still possible Jenner could be wooed back, based on a tweet she sent a few minutes after her initial diss.

The photo-sharing company has seen a boatload of user backlash in the wake of the rollout of its redesigned app. In its response, the company said it is aware that people hate the new Snapchat redesign, and therefore, it would bring in some changes that should be acceptable to the users.

Last week, Chief Executive Evan Spiegel told an investor conference in San Francisco that he was pleased with the redesign and thought it was a more logical setup for users. We are grateful for your enthusiasm and creativity. "We are very excited for what's ahead", the statement read.

  • Salvatore Jensen