New Apple AirPods will come with Siri integration this year

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is working on new models of its AirPod wireless earbuds.

The first model of the device used a wireless chip known as the W1, and its next version, the W2, was launched by Apple previous year with the Apple Watch. Part of that is due to new iPhone owners wanting wireless earbuds, but it's also due to AirPods' ease of use and relatively affordable price. The report also hints a that the device is expected to get launched in the month of March, as expected with previous reports. In order to access Siri, users should manually tap once on it and it will access the voice AI from the iPhone. As always, take this with a grain of salt, but considering that wearables is a segment that has grown for Apple, it wouldn't be all that surprising to see an AirPods refresh this year.

Now, coming to the second major upgrade to the AirPods; Apple is aiming to make the wireless earphones survive against splashes of water and rain.

Apple's AirPods were first released more than a year ago, and they're so popular that supply still can't keep up with demand. Apple's chips for wearables follow a "W" series, so it's likely the W2 chipset from the Apple Watch previous year or an entirely new W3 will power the AirPods. A user might be able to speak "Hey Siri", to bring up Apple's smart voice assistant while wearing them, for example. So it's not a surprise to see Apple already planning two models ahead.

Alongside by the iPhone 8 and iPhone X last September, Apple exhibited its remote charging embellishment called AirPower. First, they'll pack an upgraded wireless chip.

AirPods cases now come with a Lightning connection though, so owners will have to buy a separate wireless charging case for the earbuds.

AirPods were imitated by many other manufacturers, but 85 per cent of all wireless speakers sold in the USA are AirPods.

  • Arturo Norris