Here are the Android Phones Google Recommends for Enterprise Customers

However, we may also see some budget Android One smartphones along with the first-ever Android Oreo (Go Edition) handset as well at the event.

Running on Android Oreo, the device combines a high-fidelity speaker with a full HD ISP touch-screen that can be positioned in portrait or landscape mode. Android Oreo (Go Edition) milks bargain bin hardware for all it's worth, giving users the best possible experience by significantly toning down Android's own hardware requirements and tying that into a suite of optimized apps.

To show off the new capabilities, Google provided early access to the new ARCore features to a few select companies. The smartphone will have either 1GB or 512MB RAM with 4GB or 8GB storage with a dedicated micro SD card slot.

Tech firm Google has launched a new advisory programme asking businesses to deploy Android devices of certain specifications only.

Lockheimer did not exactly mention any of its partners, but he did expand on Android Oreo (Go edition) and Android One phones.

Google is touting a 15 per cent increase in load times for apps designed specifically for Android Go - at the very least. The idea is to partner with local manufacturers to build affordable handsets and then commit to supporting them with updates for 18 months.

They will ship with a range of software, including YouTube Go, a Go version of Google Assistant, Google's Data Saver app and the Files Go peer-to-peer, file-sharing app. Android device manufacturers in the program get an "enhanced level of technical training and support" from Google.

Android Enterprise Recommended devices ensure delivery of a consistent set of features validated by Google with an elevated device baseline, Frequent security updates, and enterprise-focused features and behaviors to meet the needs of discerning IT Decision makers.

Now if you think about the Nokia's rumored Android One device that will be reportedly going to be regarded as the Nokia 7 Plus, would break covers post this device teases the word for a week.

It all sounds good in theory; we will have to wait and see how it all shakes out in practice.

Android Oreo Go was launched by Google in December past year and is a streamlined version of Android created to run well on low-end smartphones.

  • Arturo Norris