Dr. Sebastian Gorka: The new Mueller indictment explained

Trump still does not unequivocally acknowledge that Russian Federation continues to wage its aggressive war against American democracy.

"In order to carry out their activities to interfere in USA political and electoral processes without detection of their Russian affiliation, Defendants conspired to obstruct the lawful functions of the United States government through fraud and deceit (...)", the indictment read.

The Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, warned the Trump administration on February 19 not to "play with fire" in Syria by supporting the autonomy-seeking Kurds, who have helped the USA largely eradicate the Islamic State militant group's presence in the country. The Russian disinformation campaign primarily involved unpaid posts.

Those charged engaged in "information warfare against the U.S., with the stated goal of spreading distrust towards the candidates and the political system in general", Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said, announcing the charges.

But Hosko said the United States should not make the mistake of focusing exclusively on Russian Federation to the exclusion of other threats. So why is this not happening? 56% overall believe Russian Federation hacked the Democratic National Committee's emails.

On the question of why trump is not entered against Russian Federation sanctions, Sanders said that the President of the United States became "much tougher" against Russian Federation.

The president's critics complain that his response to the Mueller indictment is defensive. The people who concocted these phony stories that were sent out across social media "took extraordinary steps to make it appear that they were ordinary American political activists", he said. Well, whose fault is that? What's more important is to work to defeat the Trump agenda and the Trump allies - Russians or no Russians - in 2018 and 2020.

Meanwhile, federal court records show special counsel Mueller has filed at least one new charge against Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort. They worked to spread lies about voter fraud around the same time that Trump began spreading those lies himself.

Did Trump personally collude with Russian Federation? If it does, those officials should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

It's true there is a measure of liberal hysteria about Trump and the collusion question.

According to the report, which cited the indictment, the Russia-backed Being Patriotic Twitter account organized actual rallies, in Philadelphia and other parts of the state, late in the 2016 campaign, with names like "Miners For Trump".

Protecting our democracy obviously concerns Trump not at all. He tried to get Republican leadership to help him raise the warning flags, but Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell refused to join him in a bipartisan condemnation of Russian Federation. Once they concluded Clinton would be elected, the Russian influence effort "focused on undermining her expected presidency".

Impeachment futile, midterm elections integral to changeSince November, democratic billionaire backer, Tom Steyer has been airing numerous ads calling for the ouster of President Donald Trump.

The question isn't whether the Russians delivered Pennsylvania to Trump in 2016.

It is horrifying to witness our national security leaders issuing a virtual cry for help because our president refuses to listen or lead America's defense against the foreign attack. He has blocked similar bipartisan bills to directly address the Russian intervention threat.

Conservatives were quick to point to the brief section of the indictment that indicated Russians were also "supporting" former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, arguing this proves the interference wasn't pro-Trump.

  • Salvatore Jensen