Trump accuses Obama of inaction over Russian Federation meddling

That is because the meetings came immediately after U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller unsealed an indictment accusing 13 Russians and three Russian companies of conducting a criminal conspiracy to interfere in the 2016 election.

The Republican president offered no evidence of any link between the investigation of Russian meddling and the FBI's failure to prevent the Florida shooting, the deadliest-ever at a US high school. His conclusions pointed out that Russian interference had been ongoing since before 2016; therefore, his team has no involvement. Republicans and Democrats should be working together in bipartisan way to confront it.

Leaders of the House intelligence committee have also said they will issue a report with recommendations on how to prevent foreign interference.

The latter, titled "Trump is NOT my President", was attended by Moore, who joined approximately 25,000 protesters and debated voters outside Trump Tower. They insist we must focus on flawed Federal Bureau of Investigation agents who said unflattering things about Trump and investigate whether those views have affected the Russian Federation probe.

Trump has yet to show that he is a president capable of focusing on a multitude of concerns.

Trump's tweet outraged some survivors of the school shooting that killed 17 last week. Still, other secretaries of state and election directors said relationships with DHS had improved dramatically compared with a year ago. The 37-page indictment was filed against 13 Russian individuals as well as three Russian entities; while all involved are being indicted with conspiracy to defraud the USA, several individuals were also indicted on counts of wire and bank fraud as well as aggravated identity theft.

The indictment described in detail that actions against the US political system, which began as early as 2014 when the Russian organization Internet Research Agency began interference that included the 2016 elections, according to the indictment.

Russian Federation conducted a coordinated covert operation to disrupt USA politics. About eight hours later, Goldman tweeted, without getting permission from Facebook, "Very excited to see the Mueller indictment today".

In August, Trump signed a sanctions bill that passed with large bipartisan majorities but said it was "seriously flawed" at the time.

THE FACTS: The Trump administration actually lags the Obama administration on this front, by all public evidence.

What President Trump seems to forget, however, is that the investigation is far from over.

As Colbert points out, Trump would go on to tweet 18 times about the news.

While the indictment does discuss efforts to support President Donald Trump's campaign, it does not overtly suggest collusion between the businessman turned president and the Russians cited in the document. And Tuesday, when asked if Trump believes the FBI missed warning signs because of the time it's spending on the Russian Federation investigation, Sanders said that was "not necessarily" the cause.

Trump continued to look to Twitter in order to broadcast his opinion on the indictments throughout President's Day.

In the days leading up to the 2016 Obama remarks Trump cited on Tuesday, Trump had tweeted that the election was being rigged by the "dishonest and distorted media" and at many polling places.

Twitter chose to deal with the effects of Russian meddling by deleting the tweets from Russian troll accounts.

  • Leroy Wright