Marco Rubio on gun control: where does he stand on the issues?

There are so many things you can do to become involved.

'I will support the banning of bump stocks, ' Rubio, who has received $9,900 from the National Rifle Association, said.

Among the lawmakers, US Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, along with US Representative Ted Deutch.

"Sir", Rubio responded, "I do believe what you're saying is true".

Before the event, Israel fired up the crowd in the arena, saying, "My generation, we did not get it done".

"We should make sure that unsafe criminals, people who are deranged, can not buy any gun of any kind", he said.

The NRA proved a contentious subject, with another student, Michelle Lapidot, reading a question: "For the puppet politicians of the NRA - was the blood of these students and these parents worth your blood money?" "Because I think it gives the government, and the whole nation, since it was televised, a piece of what we need as a community".

The sophomore at Leon High School, which is walking distance to the Capitol, says the leaders were not talking to the protesters, "so we're just sitting till they speak".

He said he has proposed a concept called a gun violence restraining order that would allow people to go to authorities with concerns about someone who should not have a gun. Finally, he promised a new breakthrough, to consider restrictions on ammunition magazine sizes, an issue that had been front and center in the gun debate 20 months ago, in the weeks after the Pulse massacre in Orlando, and which Rubio had then strongly opposed.

"This is the eighth tragedy, the eighth tragedy, where we have seen numerous tips that have been reported and red flags", she said.

President Donald Trump and Gov. Rick Scott were both invited but declined to attend.

The town hall broadcast began with a three-minute video showing family pictures of several of those who died. Although the AR-15 - the weapon used in the Florida shooting - is not technically defined as an assault weapon, a poll conducted by Quinnipiac in the wake of the massacre found that 67% support a nationwide ban on assault weapon sales.

Rubio: Absolutely. Not only are you going to live to serve our country, you, and you, and you, and all of you have a chance to change our country. He wouldn't say he would turn down an NRA contribution.

Twenty-one-year-old Shana Rosenthal addresses the letter to Rubio as "a former employee of your Tallahassee, Florida office", a reference to the internship she took with him during her sophomore year at Florida State University. Many in the GOP believed that 2016 was his moment.

Still, that puts Rubio in an awkward position with fellow Republicans. When he finally got down in the gutter with Trump, he was crushed, and earned the humiliating nickname "Little Marco".

When Rubio agreed to step into the Thunder Dome, which was meant as a forum to kick around ideas about how to stop the seemingly inevitable next mass shooting, everyone expected a big backlash over the $3.3 million he's taken from the NRA while steadfastly refusing any gun control measures.

But by showing up at an event where he was cast by circumstance as the villain, he showed a side of his political character that many people had forgotten was there, or doubted existed at all.

  • Leroy Wright