Android Pay and Google Wallet unite under Google Pay banner

All of these are ways we've been working to make paying safer and easier for everyone, everywhere.

The ability to do some touchups on a screenshot can be exciting and value adding at the same time, and that's why Google app has factored in an editing feature even though the app is still in beta update.

The app, which begins rolling out today, is just one part of everything we've got planned.

Google Pay is available now in the Google Play Store for Android users (an iOS version is currently unavailable). Along with this Google is also launching a redesign of the Google Wallet App.

You can grab the new Google Pay app right now straight from the Google Play Store. Here's a closer look. To be sure, not much has changed apart from new Material Design-inspired animations and a new Google Pay Home tab that shows a list of nearby Google Pay-enabled stores. It has also released four YouTube videos to explain how to work with the new app, including how your info stays safe, how to pay in stores, and how to add and verify a card. This tab will contain one's credit or debit cards, gift cards, offers, and loyalty programs. Among the places that already support the app are public transit systems in Kiev, London, and Portland, Oregon, with more locations coming soon, they said.

Google launched its latest answer to Apple Pay on Tuesday.

Google has updated Google Maps with a new feature for iOS this week. "Bing Ads does not now take Bitcoin today as a form of payment", she said.

Customers in the USA and the United Kingdom will be the first to get the ability to send and request money with Google Pay.

As we reported last month, Google is uniting all of its different payment tools under the Google Pay brand. Third-party apps and sites can join in as well.

Both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Google Pixel 2 are two of the best flagship smartphones from past year and they both have their sets of pros and cons.

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