Black Panther Challenge comes to Savannah

The only Marvel movie that had a bigger four day opening than "Black Panther" was the original "Avengers" film directed by Joss Whedon.

Despite the high praise, there are some people like Agozino who believe that there were some missed opportunities in the film.

To aid in the process, London-based Titan Books will unleash Black Panther: The Official Movie Special, a lovely new hardcover concept art book on February 20.

Just like everyone, the Black Panther trailer got me excited and since then, I have been anxiously waiting for the Black Panther release date. In fact, for the duration of the film, only three major scenes display the full capacity of the Black Panther in his costume. In each case, I have urged, cajoled, and implored Blacks to go see these movies, and in most cases to little avail. The movie gives a multifaceted view of what a superhero can be, and the women of Wakanda show that T'Challa couldn't be king without their support. Also, there appears to be one central reccurring theme that is heard throughout.

"You think about Black Panther, which is so exciting, or you think about Hidden Figures previous year, which was equally exciting around STEM, but yet it wasn't trickling down to the local space here in Nashville", Wilson says. The film is getting a super fantastic response at the Indian box office. "Everyone has their different lens, but what I got out of it is that you don't quit, you bounce back", Vega said.

For the majority of its run time, "Black Panther" focuses not on the classic Marvel superhero action, but on the personal development of its major characters.

So here we have it: a secondary distribution network that bears more in common with no-budget documentaries than $100 million dollar studio releases.

"It was seen as a somewhat of an answer to ... that discourse of the kind of - especially black representation - representation of people of color in these big culture phenomenons and franchises", she said.

They defined afrofuturism as "being able to be who we want to be", as a "reimagination of who [they] are in a world that doesn't exist yet". His thirst for revenge led to the apparent creation of the Black Panther persona, and though he was certainly gifted athletically, it looked as though his "powers" were mostly royalty-based, similar to how his MCU colleague Tony Stark's "powers" are mostly money-based. Some of the credit for their success will belong to the community leaders who recognized a good grassroots campaign when they saw it.

  • Salvatore Jensen