Arlington Teens Arrested For Making School Shooting Threats

However, heightened security will remain in place in and around the high school as a precaution.

The Tampa Police Chief says investigating threats is taking detectives away from other duties, but they are still investigating every threat and rumor of threats.

Marinelli did not say when the exchange occurred.

Hokes Bluff High, near Gadsden, has had two threats in the last couple of weeks.

However, in most cases, the wannabe criminals are not cautious enough, which has already led to numerous arrests of students, IBT reports.

Erie County: Police investigated at least two threats in Erie County, according to WKBW Buffalo. It is only through this level of cooperation that incidents of this nature can be addressed and our children can be assured the safest school environment possible.

Even before the incident in Florida, Keys administrators had begun considering what steps they might take to ensure the safety of students, teachers and staff. Byrum said any call like Thursday's will be investigated, and the person or persons making them will be prosecuted if found.

He pointed out that after the massacre in Florida, students across the state and nation posted similar provocative comments.

The Saturday post showed the student holding what appeared to be a deer rifle, police said.

Conway Junior High said on Facebook that an increased law enforcement presence would be on campus Tuesday.

In Jackson, police went to the home of a student after learning the student had a list of people he wanted to harm.

The police have said they can not substantiate this threat and can not verify it as a credible threat at this time.

Fake threats also circulated in Monroe Townships in both Middlesex and Gloucester counties, causing confusion in both towns.

Police did not elaborate on the exact details of the threat. "That investigation includes speaking with witnesses, including often the student himself, and reviewing available electronic forensic evidence, if applicable to the situation, to determine the credibility of the threat", the prosecutor said.

Then, on Friday morning, a BB gun was discovered on a student at Sequoyah High School.

  • Leroy Wright