Share the love this Valentine's Day

Legends of different versions have been around for centuries tracing the origin of Valentine's Day.

The National Retail Federation estimates nearly 55 percent of Americans will celebrate Valentine's day this year, and spending is expected to be a record-breaker, surpassing more than 19 and a half billion dollars for cards, flowers, meals, entertainment and more. They share the importance of the day in their lives. This day is not only celebrated by the unmarried people but married people also go for celebration. I love you with every ounce of my being. "This may sound insane but I think she will end up laughing and eventually be happy", says Vivin Joshua, a college-goer.

Meanwhile, New York consumers prefer roses as their number one Valentine's Day gift, followed by sunglasses, teddy bears, chocolate and chocolate diamond rings.

The best thing about spending Valentine's Day alone? "But, just for laughs, ideally surprising them in lingerie is the best gift you can give in my opinion". The days they were born, the days they died, Mother's Day, Father's Day, the last day I saw my father in Heathrow, my sister's wedding where she walked down the aisle without them both - it feels like the years are now littered with land mines, imploding one day to the next, a razor-sharp reminder of our loss. I'm thinking every year as to whether a "miracle" will take place on Valentine's Day, waiting for a surprise element or a superb proposal coming my way.

From its inception and popularization as it became a "Hallmark Holiday", the day itself has become one that some dread, while others adore. Do yourself a favor and make sure you end the night at home.

Every moment we've spent together has been lovely so far.

Tejasswi Prakash: Valentine's Day remains special for me. Claudius thought that young, single men made for better soldiers. The day is just a time to get free and collect some good memories with your special one.

In other words, it's for the person who may or may not be you this Valentine's Day. However, there is a reason, Valentines day came to be and many people probably don't know.

God gave you the greatest valentine card in the world through the forgiveness provided by the death of his son. Staying in makes it clear that you're not treating this like a special occasion, which is an important distinction to make. "The Mastercard Love Index - now in its third year - highlights global and regional trends to offer retailers priceless insight into consumer buying habits over the romantic period", says Elliott. His heart is my kingdom. He is my first love.

144 million: The approximate number of cards exchanged on Valentine's Day. I love you, honey!

The Valentine's Day that many have come to know and love (and loathe) has evolved quite a bit from times of desperate love letters while in prison and fertility rituals in pagan Rome.

A lover's broken heart could well be what it says and means. More than 189 stems of roses are sold on Valentine Day. So, I am getting her an induction stove this time. I also suggest my dad to get some lovely gifts for her.

Shouldn't Valentine's Day be celebrated (or not celebrated) of one's own choosing? Valentine's during school days use to be something blushing. Thank them for what they have done for you.

He loves us and wants us to enter into a relationship with him. I enjoy the day with my mom, sister and friends.

For example, if you are single, you can celebrate your love with your friends, your parents.

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