Groves vs Eubank Jr

Eubank Jr's father said his son "didn't perform" and described the result as "fair".

His rivals George Groves and Chris Eubank Jr have stolen most of the headlines in this eight-man tournament, but it would be foolhardy to write Smith off as the potential victor.

Groves is through to the final of the WBSS and, assuming his shoulder injury is not too serious, will fight some time in June.

I didn't like his showing tonight, Groves is no slouch and very game, but there are levels to boxing and if you don't use your brain in the ring and learn to set traps you will not be able to face a wily boxer like Groves.

In the twelfth and final round, the 29-year-old dislocated his shoulder and finally appeared hurt by his younger adversary's pressure. "Credit to Junior for getting through 12 rounds, I didn't think he would".

"I want this more than anything".

So, with the pair's grudge match finally settled, we now look to the immediate future of the WBSS. The fighters went toe-to-toe in the eighth and again in the last two rounds when Eubank was desperately throwing for the fences.

In the grove When is George Groves vs Chris Eubank Jr and what TV channel is it on?

Eubank is left to lick his wounds, including a significant cut above his right eye; and wonder what could've been after what seemed to be a complete lack of strategy throughout most of the fight.

This is actually the continuation of a much longer Eubank Sr./Naz feud that is probably best explained by the poet himself Chris Eubank, Sr.

Hamed, however, doesn't feel that Eubank should be looking towards such fights. I wasn't as sharp as I wanted to be", Garcia said in the post-fight interview "He's a good inside fighter and he was giving me some good inside cuts. He's a good fighter but he didn't show it.

Rios tried to turn the fight into a brawl with an awkward and rough style early on, however Garcia negated the come-forward style of Rios, landing a huge right hand in the ninth round to re-establish his standing as one of the elite fighters at 147lbs.

Eubank Jr nearly punished an injured Groves in the closing moments, but the victor did incredibly well to battle to the final bell and continue with such a serious handicap. An exhausted Eubank threw everything he had at a depleted Groves but could not send him to the canvas.

Groves' jab was a factor throughout the fourth round, but a lunging Eubank caught him with a short left late in the fourth that made Groves take cover and hold.

Round eleven and twelve saw Eubank come out chasing Groves swinging away knowing he needed a knockout victory to claim victory as many believed he was wll down on the cards of the officials in charge. Once Rodriguez had risen, Parker went in for the kill, landed a double right hook, followed with a left in brutal fashion to keep his 15th professional opponent down.

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