National Basketball Association fans want to hang out with LeBron James most

But Lillard is also the kind of guy who likes to be recognized for the his hard work and perseverance, so there's never really a bad time for him to assume his place among the best players in the National Basketball Association at All-Star Weekend, especially after missing out on the mid-season exhibition the last two years.

The grand finale will be the 2018 All-Star Game.

But the Warriors star initially opposed having the draft on live TV - and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said Thursday he agreed with Curry's reasoning.

"He picked some talented players, Musonda said".

Meanwhile, Wu's participation will be his third this year, making him the only Chinese celebrity to have joined the much-anticipated event.

"I think the draft itself would be wonderful on TV just to hear the back-and-forth between the captains and see how the teams fill out", Curry told ESPN.

On Saturday there will be the Slam Dunk and three point contests while Sunday is the big finale with the actual NBA All Star game. For the past years the All-Star game has been run by 3-pointers and alley oops.

This All-Star Game will be a hard look in the mirror for both franchises as they try and figure out where to go next.

"I agree with Steph". Cousins and Wall will not participate after suffering injuries since the announcement of their selections.

I am still excited to watch the all-star game, but I was really looking forward to a Boogie and the Brow connection in a flashy setting and Kyrie, LeBron and Kevin Love being reunited for the first time since Kyrie was traded to the Boston Celtics. With a team filled with young players in their early 20s, cast-offs on their final contract years, and Luol Deng the Lakers knew that their best chance would be the Rising Stars Game.

Team Curry is set with no injuries and a fully-loaded roster. Paul George, All-Star of the OKC Thunder, the Washington Wizards' All-Star Bradley Beal, and the Toronto Raptors' prized point guard, All-Star Kyle Lowry, will also be competing for the trophy. "Let's see if the format works'". I think the effort on the defensive end will pick up and we won't see a game like last year's sloppy 192-182 finish. Stephen Curry was able to get his teammates Klay Thompson and Draymond Green on his squad, which adds some familiarity, and NBA MVP front-runner James Harden helps put the starting unit over the top. LeBron teaming up with Kevin Durant.

"Everybody stand at halfcourt, and take your team".

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