USA Snowboarder Jamie Anderson wins Ladies Slopestyle

Viewers were reminded of the money involved in the games on NBC on Sunday night in the women's slopestyle, when Jamie Anderson won gold in some of the most unsafe snowboarding conditions imaginable. Norendal didn't improve on her second run, which only helped Anderson's chances at securing the gold. And by the time it was Anderson's turn to go again, there was no need.

Frenchman Martin Fourcade also made history for his country, claiming the biathlon pursuit gold medal to bring his tally to five medals overall - including three golds.

The competition is much stiffer this time around. Conditions were too risky to practice on Sunday.

"When the competition finally got underway, a number of athletes hit the deck before Anderson, Blouin €" who sported a black eye €" and Rukajarvi filled the podium.

Anderson, 27, had fretted earlier this week that the game was progressing right past her.

She was looking out over the Phoenix Park slopestyle course, where 25 of her fellow Olympians had just pushed off from the same spot where she was now standing.

Mother Nature was no match for two-time Olympic gold medalist Jamie Anderson. Slowly but surely, she made her way up to the national championship events.

Strong cross-winds played havoc during the women's snowboard slopestyle final at the Olympic Games on Monday, prompting some competitors to say the event should have been postponed. She nailed jumps when others fell, aimed slightly higher when others went conservative, and said matter-of-factly about the conditions, "I was kind of down for whatever".

After Red Gerard triumphed in the men's event on Sunday, Anderson followed suit to make it a double for United States with the assistance of some "old school hip hop" as she waited for her run.

Norway's Marcus Kleveland scored 83.71 to qualify in first from heat one, yet it was a hard heat for the Americans, with Corning's compatriot Ryan Stassel also struggling and finishing in 17th place. Enni Rukajarvi of Finland took bronze with 75.38. She defended that title at the 2018 Winter Olympics!

View the full image                        Jamie's mom Lauren as seen on NBC
View the full image Jamie's mom Lauren as seen on NBC

Jessika Jenson, a 26-year-old from Idaho Falls, Idaho, finished fifth, with Hailey Langland, a 17-year-old Southern California native, in sixth place. She gets high praise from her peers because of her style, and she can also stomp some big tricks. The top American is Erin Hamlin, who in Sochi became the first U.S. Olympic singles medalist. It was a disappointing event that saw no American woman advance to the final's third run to contend for a medal.

Spencer O'Brien has a rivalry with Jamie Anderson that goes back at least 10 years.

In most cases, athletes are transported from the venue to the Pyeongchang Olympic Plaza to receive their medals in an evening ceremony. "The girls on the podium showed that and that is why they are up there". In the process, it solidified her as a contender for Olympic gold.

Canada skated to the gold it had been dreaming about for four years.

"The conditions were not ideal, but it changes so quick", Anderson said. Lindsey Vonn is expected to enter the event, even though she isn't a medal favorite.

What Will It Take to Win?

There's still a chance for a US podium sweep in the women's snowboard halfpipe. Even Anderson wasn't immune. "Come on guys. You have more days to have this contest".

Only six riders were able to finish with a final score above 70.00, and those who were able to navigate their jumps and rails safely, did so by avoiding the typical risky tricks and settle for a more safe routine. will be streaming every round of every competition live online.

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