Top Trump aide leaves White House after abuse allegations

Surely, he is appalled by chief of staff John Kelly's decision to keep the aide on, despite knowledge of the security clearance problem, praise him and then pronounce himself shocked by the allegations.

Kelly has come under criticism for his response to the revelations.

White House staff secretary Rob Porter returned to the White House Thursday to collect his belongings, a day after resigning from his post over allegations of spousal abuse. President Donald Trump watched Shah's debut at the podium, but was reportedly not happy over comments Shah made saying that the White House could have done better in its handling of the situation. He claimed late Wednesday night that he was "shocked" by the allegations - which the White House had known about generally since late past year - and added, "There is no place for domestic violence in our society". "Domestic violence in any form is abhorrent and unacceptable".

President Trump's trusted communications director was photographed leaving her apartment last month in the company of Rob Porter, who resigned under pressure Wednesday after his two ex-wives alleged that he beat them.

Steve Bannon followed Manafort into Trump's campaign and then the White House, despite, or rather because of, his reputation as a tough-guy extremist.

The comment comes after the White House signaled support for Porter.

That hasn't necessarily hurt Kelly in Trump's eyes, but the president abhors aides getting bad press - and that could ultimately prove fatal for the chief of staff.

A scramble ensued inside the West Wing to defend him when the claims became public this week, the sources said.

"There was no coordination of this", she said.

Porter was "operating on an interim security clearance" but his clearance was never "denied", Shah said.

Porter was responsible for vetting all written material - much of it classified - given to the president.

Porter, who has served in Trump's White House since January 2017, allegedly physically and emotionally abused his two ex-wives.

"It was inevitable that at some point she'd find herself at the center of some scandal or other, but I think it's a testament to the kind of discipline she has that it took so long for it to happen", Nuzzi said. "He was saddened by it", Shah said at a news briefing.

The New Yorker magazine earlier this week reported messages showing Shah calling the release of the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape, as "some justice", a dig at Trump. In the story's wake, Porter submitted, and Kelly had accepted, his resignation on Wednesday.

Shah also said that White House chief of staff John Kelly was not "fully aware" of the extent of the allegations when he made his initial statement supporting Porter on Tuesday. He returned minutes later and "punched in the glass on the door", trying to get into the apartment.

The FBI had contacts with the ex-wives a second time, in September. She's said in interviews that she was afraid enough of Porter to call the police to their home, and that by three years into their marriage she felt like "a shell of a person". Despite the fact that Porter's history of violence precluded him from getting the security clearance needed to do his job, Kelly kept him in that position. She said she hadn't. It's unclear what he told investigators. While it is unknown what he told investigators, he had previously told others in private that he and Holderness were "arguing over a vase" and that she was "somehow hit with the vase".

"As allegations of prolonged physical and verbal abuse came out, news outlets received a statement in which Hatch said it was ".incredibly discouraging to see such a vile attack on such a decent man". This, after the Daily Mail published harrowing accounts of abuse - denied by Mr. Someone in his position would have had an interim clearance while the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted a background check, according to one official.

  • Leroy Wright