1028 terrorists 'neutralized' in Operation Olive Branch in Syria

"Russia ultimately bears responsibility for the victims in East Ghouta and countless other Syrians targeted with chemical weapons since Russian Federation became involved in Syria", she said, referring to a siege by Assad forces that has caused a humanitarian crisis.

The TTB had issued a declaration that said, "War is a matter of public health", upon the start of the cross-border operation into Afrin last week and also said, "No to war, peace immediately". United Nations officials in Syria say an immediate halt to the fighting is imperative to allow aid deliveries and the evacuation of the sick and wounded.

On Monday, regime bombardment killed almost 30 people in a rebel enclave near, as Syria's seven-year conflict left civilians paying a heavy price.

The global chemical weapons watchdog says it is investigating recent allegations of chemical weapons use in Syria.

Regime and allied forces are now engaged in military operations against rebels and jihadists in a number of areas, including the northwestern province of Idlib and the outskirts of Damascus. Opposition activists say dozens of people have been killed and at least three hospitals shut down in the past two days.

Syrian state-run media said the Syrian army was responding to a shelling attack in Damascus by "armed groups" - an attack that they say killed five people - including two children - and injured 13 others.

1028 terrorists 'neutralized' in Operation Olive Branch in Syria

Another nine civilians, two of them children and one a local rescue worker, were killed in Arbin.

The government and its ally Russian Federation have been pounding a besieged rebel-held area outside Damascus for the last two days with airstrikes, killing dozens of people.

A human rights group on Syria claims that 5 residents in the town of Saraqeb in the northern Idlib province suffered breathing difficulties after an attack by the government forces on Sunday.

An FSA spokesman with a Turkish-backed brigade near Atma also accused the YPG of responsibility for the camp bombing, adding that "three-fourths of the camp's residents are relatives of FSA fighters fighting in Olive Branch-it doesn't make sense that we'd target them".

On Tuesday, President Rouhani also said the US military presence in Syria is meant to "disintegrate" the war-stricken country. Turkish military action in Afrin was calculated in the assumption that this wouldn't lead to a direct fight, given that the Kurdish enclave is isolated from the other Kurdish areas of Syria. The U.S. has worked closely with both Turkey and Kurdish forces in Syria.

Once granted access, three United Nations convoys could be dispatched each week, reaching more than 700,000 people in besieged and hard-to-reach areas in the next two months, according to the United Nations.

  • Leroy Wright