Trump urges GOP to vote on his immigration plan

But in exchange, he demanded a slew of restrictive changes to U.S. immigration policy, which would be the most significant overhaul in more than 50 years, including the elimination of the green-card lottery, limiting family unification by preventing immigrants from joining family members already in the U.S., and $25 billion to build a border wall and to further militarize the U.S. -Mexico border.

However, Stivers acknowledged that history is not on Republicans' side, considering the political party that controls the White House has over roughly the past eight decades lost about 26 House seats in midterm elections, as Democrats need to gain 24 to retake control of the lower chamber.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, a South Carolina Republican who has been deeply involved in hotly debated Republican issues such as the Benghazi hearings, says the GOP memo has no impact on Mueller's Russian Federation probe and that the significance of the dossier has been overstated. But Priebus pushed back against a New York Times report that Trump ordered that Mueller be fired last June but backed off after the top White House lawyer threatened to resign.

"If we can't get a deal that includes (the four pillars) we may have to pare it down to two pillars and just do border and DACA as plan B", Florida's GOP Sen.

Trump proposed creating a path to citizenship for DACA recipients and others during his State of the Union address Tuesday. Merkley also cites a warning from House Speaker Paul Ryan to McConnell not to pass a funding bill with a Dreamer protection attached. "I really am not happy with the way it's going from the standpoint of the Democrats", he said.

The president's remarks came as Republican lawmakers departed from a three-day retreat in West Virginia no closer to a consensus on what to do about the Dreamers.

Democrats also blasted Trump's plan to limit chain migration and accused the president of using a racial slur when he uses the term.

I think we're making real progress. "But I really do feel like that could end up perhaps being a base bill in the Senate". I mean, you can't negotiate this with the Democrats, because this is stuff for safety.

Mark Meadows, a North Carolina Republican who is chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, said he and Republican Rep. Rodney Davis of IL this week introduced a measure that would make the individual tax cuts in December's tax bill permanent, instead of ending in a decade. But he never made that specific request in his speech here at the retreat.

Meadows said if the Senate bill looked anything like what Thune sketched out, it would be a "nonstarter" in the House.

"If Republicans believe that we're ready to destroy family-based visa system, which we believe is the bedrock of our democracy, (they're wrong)", Illinois' Rep. Luis Gutierrez said this week. Among other things, they undergo a background check and provide their address and biometric data.

It's no small irony that "dreamers" are exactly the kind of immigrants Trump says he wants to come to the USA: educated, skilled, employed.

Senate Minority Whip Richard J. Durbin of IL and Republican Sen.

Many are still confused what Trump is planning to do with his immigration proposal.

He said he'll be a "facilitator" with Dick Durbin of IL, the chamber's No. 2 Democrat.

He would end a lottery used to encourage immigration from diverse countries and redistribute some of those visas to applicants with high-skilled jobs. We will have a future for you. "And I frankly think if you ask Senator Durbin privately what his view is, he is in agreement with us", Hoyer said.

The Democrats - some of them dressed in black as part of some phony protest - refused to show the slightest sign of approval for the president when he pointed out how well America's workers and the economy are doing. Trump noted that a majority of Americans favor offering some form of legal status to young immigrants, known as dreamers, brought to the country as children and who have lived her illegally.

The committee rejected that move last week, with one Republican member saying revisions are needed so the memo will not endanger national security. But it's unclear how much or what information Steele collected made it into the application, or how much has been corroborated. That link has been widely challenged, with data showing immigrants commit less crime than USA -born citizens.

Days after calling on both parties to come together, Trump criticized Democrats for the less than enthusiastic reception they gave his 80-minute State of the Union speech on Capitol Hill. Texas congresswoman Barbara Jordan - the first African-American woman elected to Congress from the South - chaired the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform, which reported to President Clinton in 1997.

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