House Intel committee votes to release Nunes memo

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have decided that they must release a document compiled by committee chairman Devin Nunes, which appears to be aimed at bolstering President Trump's claims that the probe into his campaign's ties to Russian Federation are bogus - for the good of the American people, of course.

The three-and-a-half page memo has been reviewed by all House members.

In approving the release under a rule never before invoked, the Republican majority ignored a warning from Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd that making the document public would be "extraordinarily reckless" without submitting it to a security review.

FBI Director Christopher Wray has viewed the memo, a source familiar with the investigation told BuzzFeed News on Monday; Fox News reported that Wray saw it on Sunday.

Some Republican leaders have fought back and tried to protect United States democracy, but they have swiftly been ridiculed and ostracized by Donald Trump and his henchmen.

Kelly held separate meetings or phone calls with senior Justice Department officials last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to convey Trump's displeasure and lecture them on the White House's expectations, according to the people.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has said that some of the details in the Steele dossier have been corroborated as true, while other details have not been corroborated or disproven.

A Special Prosecutor is put into place to continue the investigation into Donald Trump's campaign and collusion/conspiracy with Russian Federation as well as potential obstruction of justice ... and Donald Trump then reportedly tries to fire the Special Prosecutor, Republican and former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Schiff said Wray also offered to brief the committee before the memo was released but the Republicans did not accept the invitation.

But he said, one Tea Party member of the committee said he was sure Trump would want to release the Republican "spin memo because it was good for him".

"Chairman Nunes' memo contains significant inaccuracies and omissions that misrepresent the underlying intelligence and jeopardize the effectiveness of our intelligence and law enforcement communities", Pelosi said Tuesday in a press release.

The fate of the memo is the latest flashpoint in the contentious relationship between Trump and the Justice Department.

Republicans on the committee had not issued a statement early Monday evening.

There's no question but that this direct assault on the FBI is a response to the Mueller Russia investigation, and an attempt to discredit the Bureau before any possible negative reports on Trump are released.

"I will evaluate the proposal when it gets in front of me", Hurd said. The vote means the memo can become public as soon as Trump now wants, as he has signaled he would like.

On Monday, the committee voted to make the Democratic memo available to all House members - but not the public.

The Department of Justice had urged the committee ahead of the vote not to release the memo, arguing that it contained sensitive and classified information.

What are Democrats saying about the GOP memo? Rosenstein is the top Justice Department staffer with the authority to end Mueller's investigation, while McCabe had oversight of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server.

  • Leroy Wright