Rep. Frederica Wilson to boycott President Trump's State of the Union address

"We need to play a better game", Prestowitz said.

The White House says one of Trump's guests for the speech will be someone who has been touched by the opioid crisis. But King will sit in the gallery, looking down on a president who doesn't want her to serve her country.

'Some of these individual stories are heroic, ' White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. "If Democrats are rising up to applaud this guy, that's just going to send the wrong message to DREAMers". But immigration and infrastructure will be the highlights.

Before he was selected for the address, Kennedy was mostly viewed by his own party as a low-key member of a political dynasty who is strategically inserting himself into policy debates and laying out what he thinks Democrats still need to learn. While some addresses have more or less been laundry lists of new initiatives, presidents also often seek to use the address to articulate overarching themes.

The address, required by the US Constitution, will focus on Trump's priorities in five areas, a senior administration official told reporters on Friday: jobs, infrastructure, immigration, trade and national security.

The White House plan would rely on leveraging at least $200 billion in federal money over 10 years to get states, localities and the private sector to pour at least $800 billion into infrastructure projects.

He could also talk about his plans to continue the operation of the prison in Cuba at Guantanamo Bay. ("The interest in, and importance of, these awards is far greater than anyone could have anticipated!") Trump's decision to drag himself and eight members of his Cabinet to Davos several days before the State of the Union to tell a gathering of global leaders that "America is back" was also odd; it cost him time to refine and rehearse a speech that tens of millions of Americans will watch.

A source says to expect a different kind of Trump, much like the.

STOCK MARKET: As of Mondays close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 45 percent since Trump was elected and 34 percent since he took office.

Americans are optimistic even when times are tough.

"We are watching the presidency erode before our eyes and I, for one, refuse to participate in pomp and circumstance that does nothing but normalize his egregious and hateful behavior", Rush said in a statement.

The president will, however, mention the opioid crisis ravaging the country - and he will have a guest at the speech who is affected by that crisis, the official said. In those remarks, Trump criticized other nations' unfair trade practices, announced the determination to not let the United States be taken advantage of anymore, and offered bilateral trade agreements to any nation that would "abide by the principles of fair and reciprocal trade". He may specifically mention DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which shields US -born children of illegal immigrants from deportation.

"I can not in good consciousness attend the #SOTU address after the president went so low in his remarks about Haiti & African nations. They never got anything done", the President said.

A Florida lawmaker on Monday hit back at what she said was President Donald Trump's "hateful" attitude toward black people and African countries, saying she would be boycotting his State of the Union address on Tuesday.

There'll be a response from Sen.

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