Morning light snow Tuesday, then gusty and cold during the afternoon

Some wet or slushy areas will re-freeze. Minor snow accumulations are likely, with most spots seeing half an inch or less.

Rain and snow chances remain toward the end of the week, particularly later Thursday and through the night.

A hazardous weather outlook is in effect for Central Pennsylvania, according to the National Weather Service, noting commuters should be prepared for the snow to impact travel on Tuesday morning. Our main governing weather parameter today will be northwest winds, which will pick up during the afternoon and keep temperatures cold. But minor accumulations are expected at this time.

Temperatures will continue to plunge below freezing this week as a cold snap sweeps across the country, which could mean more of the white stuff depending on where you live. The snow will mostly be light, but an occasional burst of moderate snow may be seen from time to time. Change over from light rain to rain/snow mix along the Jersey Shore, through the overnight hours tonight. Today, cooler temperatures have taken over as highs topped out in the upper 30's and low-mid 40's. Wind chill values are in the teens to near 20 degrees.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 31.

We're again on the downward slide with our seesaw temperatures this week with abundant sunshine but temperatures only into the middle 50s for afternoon highs today.

February will begin with a modest shot of milder air as well on Thursday, as highs bounce back into the mid 40s even though skies turn out mostly cloudy ahead of our next weather disturbance. Another system late-week still has the potential to bring some rain and snow across the Commonwealth. The northwesterly flow will usher in much colder air.

Temperatures in February are set to plummet across the United Kingdom with widespread snow showers and rain expected across the country.

With cold temperatures in place early Tuesday morning, there is a chance some limited moisture could fall as a few snow flurries, mainly north and northeast of the Triangle before sunrise. At this point, it looks like snow will also stay to our south, but it could be a close call.

Temperatures near the ground will be chilly - probably lower-to-mid 30s - but not cold enough for snow to stick to roads and sidewalks unless it comes down at a heavy rate.

  • Salvatore Jensen