European Union gets mandate to begin negotiations on Brexit transitional arrangement

The EU says any new deals will not be able to take effect until after the end of the transition period, which has been proposed for December 31, 2020.

The UK, as already a third country, will no longer participate in the institutions and the decision-making of the EU.

Speaking in Middlesbrough, northeast England, where the Leave vote was 66 percent, Davis is setting out the case for a status quo transition in which the "current terms" of EU membership of the single market and customs union are extended.

Davis makes a little dig about the EU's oft-repeated phrase that the trying to pick and choose: "People talk about cherry-picking".

The disclosure comes amid anger among pro-Brexit Tories at the latest negotiating guidelines from Brussels which said the United Kingdom would remain subject to European Union law - including any changes passed after it leaves in March 2019 - during a proposed 21-month post Brexit transition.

Euratom: The two sides have agreed that countries would take charge of nuclear waste generated on their territories, but the UK's future relationship with the nuclear body, which could involve the ECJ, is unresolved.

Business will assume there will be a "disorderly Brexit" unless there is clarity on transitional arrangements between Britain and the European Union early this year, a leading lobby group has said.

"If somebody said, go back into the Paris accord, it would have to be a completely different deal because we had a awful deal", Trump said in the interview. "So the last quarter of the year is I think about where we're aiming at".

Mr Barnier appeared to come back with a rebuke for the Brexit Secretary's suggestion that it was only an "aim" to conclude talks by the end of this year.

But Mr Barnier insisted the cut-off point could not change by more than "about a week or so" to give the EU's national parliaments enough time to ratify any agreement. "We are working towards the end of October".

Tomorrow the UK's House of Lords will consider the Brexit Bill, which a Lords' committee has called "fundamentally flawed" and said "needs to be reworked".

"The EU position is very clear", French former foreign minister Barnier told a news conference in Brussels.

"There is a tactic amongst the Remain-supporting Conservatives and that is to cause as much chaos as possible and they do that by bowling this curveball every now and then, or a hand grenade right into the middle of proceedings whenever we have a lull".

Several newspaper reports have said the number of letters expressing "No Confidence" in the party leader is approaching the threshold of 48 required to trigger a leadership contest.

Meanwhile, some Leave figures in her own party claimed it will be "Brexit in name only" that is delivered.

The UK will be able to prepare such agreements for the end of transition but also to seek agreement to roll over its rights as a member state to access such markets during transition, when it is no longer a member.

Earlier a Downing Street spokesman said: "There is obviously going to be a negotiation on what the implementation period looks like".

  • Leroy Wright